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Wooden door decoration acceptance method

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The door is the facade of the home, which determines the decoration grade of the home. I often hear someone around me talk about the protégé gold. The door affects the home's Feng Shui fortune. Therefore, the decoration process is particularly critical to the acceptance of the door.

When the custom-made wooden door is delivered to your door, you need to first inspect the goods first. At this time, you do not need to unpack, just to see if the packaging is intact, whether the packing box has rain or moisture problems, bulky goods packing box Are there any bumps in the corners, and whether the goods that are forbidden to be pressed are squeezed? If there is no problem, confirm the number of pieces to be delivered and sign the delivery note with the delivery master, and wait for the installation master to come and install.

The installer will open the package at the installation site for detailed inspection. If the goods are found to be missing or damaged, he will be responsible for contacting the company for replenishment or replacement and repair. If there are scratches or bumps, the paint can be repaired on site and repaired on site. It is necessary to apply for a return to the factory for repair and treatment. The installer will also measure the size of all wooden door leaf sleeves and the size of the door hole to ensure that the size is correct, and the installation will start only when there is no problem.


When the installation master unpacks the goods and inspects the goods, as the owner, he must also check by himself to see if the color is correct, the style is correct, the glass and hardware are correct, and the door leaf is tested by hand. If the weight of the door leaf is almost 60-80 kg, the filling material More solid, if it feels very light, then pay attention to the door leaf filling must be problematic. Secondly, make a fist and knock on the door leaf from top to bottom and from left to right. The sound is crisp, uniform and thick, and there is no problem. If the knocking sound is hollow, pay attention to the quality problem. Once again, carefully check whether the front and back sides and corners of the door leaf are visible with naked eyes, and check whether the material of the door cover plate and the two ends of the cover line are the same as the material purchased under the contract, and whether there are hidden cracks and deformations. Finally, you need to take a deep breath and use your nose to smell whether the product has a strong pungent odor after unpacking. If you smell a strong smell, then pay attention to environmental protection issues and maintain long-term ventilation after installation.


During the installation process, the owner also needs to pay attention to whether the door leaf is processed and cut on site. If there is a cutting rule on the top or bottom of the door leaf on site, then the acceptance must be rejected, because once the door leaf is cut, it will affect the appearance and moisture resistance during use. , It must be a problem with the original customized size of the wooden door. Look at the size of the glue joint between the door cover and the wall. The standard of the glue joint is 10-15mm when the door is vertical. The glue joint should not be too large; make sure that the styrofoam and filler fill the glue between the door cover and the wall , 3-5mm left and right door seams, 3mm upper door seams, 5-7mm lower door seams, if it is a bathroom door lower door seam 8-10mm. Remind the installer that all door panels and lines that are on the ground should be treated with waterproof glue, and the panels and lines of the window cover next to the countertop and the inner corner of the wall need to be treated with waterproof glue. The side line of the bathroom door and the wall gap Waterproof glue treatment, the top of the side door cover in the bathroom needs to be moisture-proof.

After installing the wooden door and cladding, the installer will usually ask the owner to accept it. At this time, you need to pay attention to whether there is any visible bumps or paint. Because the installation process will cause small bumps and cracks and deformation, check the wooden door anti-collision strips , Open and close the door, try the lock and see if the door leaf and the ground will be effectively scratched, if there is a problem, it is best to propose and determine the solution on the spot.

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