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Which is better, paint door or paint-free door?

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How about the solid wood composite paint-free door? Where should I start to understand the corresponding advantages and disadvantages? In addition, what we usually call the paint-free door and the painted door are the same thing? Is there any special place? This article recommends this for everyone From several aspects of knowledge, you can learn that the paint-free door has various colors, smooth appearance, green environmental protection, and short construction period. The cost and expense in the early stage are relatively low. It is a humanized and advanced door. In terms of the aspect, it is not the same as the painted door. The price of the painted door is relatively high. Although it looks more smooth and smooth, it may not be suitable for some traditional style choices. Let's take a closer look.

1. Is the solid wood composite paint-free door good?

What is a paint-free door is actually a wooden door that does not need to be painted. However, most of the paint-free doors on the market currently refer to PVC veneer doors. The paint-free doors are made of solid wood composite doors or molded doors using PVC veneer vacuum blister processing, including door covers. In addition, the other is the finished wooden door that has been painted in the factory is also called paint-free door.


【The advantages of paint-free doors】

(1)It has a log texture and a variety of colors, which meets the requirements of modernity, individuality and environmental protection.

(2)The exterior of the paint-free door is lubricated and beautiful, without paint, which can prevent the paint from emitting toxic gases and harm human health.

(3) The construction period is short, and it can be used after delivery and acceptance.

(4)The production process of the paint-free door is the use of relatively advanced foreign technology and the use of high-quality imported materials to develop paint-free decorative materials. It has the advantages of impact resistance, insect resistance, moisture and corrosion resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, and pollution-free.

(5) It is more convenient to construct and can be used for cutting, sawing, and nailing.

(6)Different styles of furniture can be designed according to your environment, personality and taste. It is an ideal material for interior decoration.


【Disadvantages of paint-free doors】

(1)Paint-free doors are susceptible to interference from the external environment, such as the influence of humidity and temperature, resulting in cracking and deformation of the appearance.

(2)The exterior of the paint-free door is easy to be scratched, and it is not easy to repair, the color is not very full and there is no luster.

(3)The PVC film on its surface is prone to aging after a long time, with a lower level and a shorter life span.

(4)The paint-free door is fragile and cannot be collided with hard objects. If it collides, it is prone to unevenness, which affects the overall appearance of the door. The main reason is that the surface of the paint-free door is made of PVC board.

2. The difference between paint-free doors and painted doors

Paint-free doors, as the name suggests, are not painted paint, that is, put high-density boards on the inner and outer layers of the support and paste PVC on the outside of the board, or other materials. I personally feel that this kind of door is not durable, as if the mold is not durable. The waterproof effect is poor after a few years, it is easy to fall or rot. The gloss is poor.

Paint door, that is, the dust-free paint process performed on the outside of the MDF, it is not pasted, and the price is relatively high and the price is more than 1,000. Personally, I feel that it is much better than the paint-free door, and the gloss is good, as can be seen from the market price. The painted door is more durable, because the surface is lacquered, moisture-proof and wear-resistant. The door used depends on the owner's consumption level It's settled. I think a big decoration is the door. The grade of the door best reflects the grade of the overall decoration. The paint-free is now outdated, but it is not as practical as the polymer. The decoration pollution is mainly caused by the plywood and the stupidity released from the paint Formaldehyde and aromatic hydrocarbons are more or less polluting. After you buy it, put it for a few days and pay attention to ventilation. It will not have a big impact. The painted door is relatively environmentally friendly.

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