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When decorating, which one of the door and floor tiles is in front

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Full text introduction: Renovation is a very tedious task. If you experience decoration for the first time, you will definitely feel exhausted physically and mentally. It is completely physical and mental work. It is not easy to complete the decoration smoothly within a few months, especially if some decorations go smoothly. Once a mistake is made, it is easy to delay the decoration time, and it may also damage some of the already installed materials. Therefore, when decorating, you must find a reliable decorating company or master. If you don't know anything, you can only rely on them for advice.

Many people have stepped on the pit in the decoration, but everyone does not want to be the one who stepped on the pit, so you have to humbly accept the opinions of the experienced master, otherwise it will be too late to regret it. For example, the question of whether to install the door first or the floor tiles first has caused many people to make a fool of themselves. You can't make a mistake in the order of the two, otherwise you may cause some trouble and waste some money.


A friend of mine encountered this problem when he was decorating. He was a rather impatient person and always wanted to get it done quickly, so he decided to fix it very early.

But in fact, the decoration is about order. It's not about buying what you think you should install. You have to take it step by step, and messing around is just making yourself trouble. My friend wanted to install the door first before tiling the tiles so that the tiles would not be damaged. Because he thinks the door is relatively heavy, it would be a bad idea to break the tiles if it knocks.

But in fact, these worries are unnecessary, because the correct order is to lay the tiles first. This is the advice given by an experienced decorator. It is absolutely reliable. According to the decorator, the correct order of decorating should be: first process some walls to be renovated, then lay water and electricity pipes, then tiling tiles, then carpenters enter the site, then paint, and finally install the door.


It can be seen from this decoration sequence that which process is the dirtiest and most troublesome will be carried out first, so that it will become easier and easier in the later stage. The door installation is obviously not a dirty job, it can be installed very easily, so it becomes the last process. If you are worried that the tiles will be scratched first, don't worry. Because the ceramic tile is relatively hard, there will be a protective film on the top, so it will not be damaged so easily.

So the correct order is to customize the door after the tiles are posted. If the door is customized in advance, there will be some errors. Because after the tiles are laid, the height of the ground will increase, so that the size of the previously customized door is not correct. Therefore, the correct door size can only be obtained after the tiles are all pasted, and the time for customizing the door does not take long. A typical factory can make it in two weeks.

So when the tiles are pasted, you can quickly customize the door. During this period, the house happens to be carpentry and paint coming in. After everything is done, you can just install the door. Now everyone knows, don't make a mistake in the order, otherwise you will take a lot of detours and spend more time and money.

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