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What's the matter with the squeaking sound when the door closes

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In our home life, the door is one of the objects that we often see. Whether in your own home or in a neighbor's home, you may encounter uncomfortable noises when the door opens and closes. After the door is installed, after one or several four seasons cycles, when the door is opened and closed, there will be a creaking sound, which sounds rather indecent. In the dead of night, this sound is very harsh.

1. What's wrong with the door always ringing?

The unpleasant squeaking sound when the door is opened and closed actually originates from the door shaft, because the original lubricating oil in the door shaft is exhausted during the long-term door opening and closing process. In addition, it may be caused by rust. If you pay attention, you will find that opening and closing the door is not as smooth and smooth as before, so how to eliminate this sound.


Just add a little lubricant to the door shaft. The lubricating oil can be clean car or motorcycle engine oil, or car transmission gear oil. Use a large needle tube (medical syringe) to inhale 2 ml of engine oil, and add a small amount of oil into the hinge gap of the door shaft. It must be small, otherwise, the oil flowing out will contaminate the door and door frame, and even damage the paint layer. Except for the bottom gap on a single door shaft, do not fill it, and all the remaining gaps must be filled with a little oil. All the door shafts are treated as above, and the feeling of opening and closing the door is the same as the newly installed door, or even better.

2. What to do if the door is always ringing

1) If you don't want to repair, the best way is to lightly open the door when opening, and lightly close when closing, as slow as possible so that there will not be too much noise.

2)The noise is caused by friction, so reducing friction is the best way. Lubricate the door hinges. After a day or so, we won't make any creaking noises when opening or closing the door.

3)Cut off the candles and apply them to the hinges. The effect is immediate and there will be no squeaks.


4)Put pencil powder in the hinge, sharpen the lead core from the pencil, grind the lead core into powder, apply it on the shaft of the hinge and pour it into the groove of the hinge, it will be effective immediately, there will be no more squeaks Up.

5)If the hinge on the door is rusty, you can consider replacing it with a new one. Note that when replacing the hinge, you should not only replace the hinge, but also change the position of the installation hinge to prevent the hinge from falling off and causing the door to fall and hurt people. 

In addition to these, we have to analyze the reasons based on specific circumstances, such as whether there is noise during the day. If there is only noise at night, then it depends on whether you have pets in your house and whether it may be caused by them. The other is whether it is at night. If there is a passing wind, these may be the reason for the sound. There is really no way you can only sleep with the door open or replace it with a new bedroom door.

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