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What materials are commonly used at the entrance door?

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1. Steel security door

Steel anti-theft door can be said to be the most widely used anti-theft door material in the market. Most of the anti-theft doors familiar to the common people belong to this series. This type of door is relatively inexpensive and reasonable, and its sales account for more than 90% of the total market sales. The thickness of the steel plate of the qualified steel anti-theft door frame should be more than 2mm, the thickness of the door body is generally more than 20mm, and the weight of the door is generally more than 40kg.

Disadvantages: The exterior lines are hard, and it is difficult to integrate with modern interior decoration.


2. The personalized design of steel-wood structure anti-theft doors can meet the requirements of different customers

The anti-theft performance is achieved by the steel plate in the middle. The manufacturer can choose different colors, woods, lines and patterns according to user requirements to integrate with the interior decoration, and it is no longer as cold and uncoordinated as steel doors. It is made of steel and wood, and the door leaf is fastened by steel plates (some are welded). The door frame is generally a steel-covered decorative surface, and the surface is painted without paint or paint. It is not easy to deform.

Disadvantages: The steel plate will produce small pits after being hit hard, and the original shape cannot be restored. The price is more expensive than the steel security door.

3. The aluminum alloy anti-theft door has high hardness and is not easy to be corroded and faded

The aluminum alloy material used in this kind of door is different from the ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows that we have seen. It has higher hardness and bright color. It is decorated with patterns and patterns to give people a sense of magnificence. It is a mid-range security door. Because this kind of door is not easy to fade and is not easy to be corroded, it also has a certain consumer group.

Disadvantages: Some door hinges are nailed and cannot be disassembled. There are friction and metal noises when opening and closing the door.


4. The anti-theft performance of stainless steel anti-theft door is stronger and more durable.

The anti-theft performance is sturdy and durable, and the security is stronger. Compared with ordinary iron or steel mixed anti-theft doors, stainless steel doors not only have the characteristics of long-lasting and bright color and never rust, but also the uniqueness of the product.

Disadvantages: stainless steel anti-theft doors are mostly silver-white, so the first impression is that the appearance and color are somewhat monotonous, which makes people feel more rigid.


5. In terms of material, copper security door is the best

Steel anti-theft doors Most of the copper anti-theft doors combine traditional anti-theft and entrance doors into one, with advanced styles and good performance in fire prevention, corrosion protection, pry-proof and dust-proof. From the material point of view, the copper security door is the best.

Disadvantages: In terms of price, it is also the most expensive. The basic price that can be seen in the market is around 5,000 yuan, and the most expensive can be more than 10,000 yuan. And the exterior color is not as bright as other anti-theft doors, and it looks relatively rigid.

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