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What material is better for the kitchen door

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The kitchen is a place where there is a lot of oily smoke. Choose a kitchen door that is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant at least, otherwise the kitchen door will be damaged after long use. And this mainly depends on the material of the kitchen door. The kitchen door material includes solid wood glass door and aluminum alloy glass door. Which material is better to choose? Let's learn together.

1. Solid wood glass door:

There are many types of wooden doors, such as baking varnish, paint-free, mixed oil, sticker, veneer, veneer and so on. The kitchen door can be matched with the bedroom door, the color is the same, the craft is the same, and it is more beautiful.

However, the wooden door is afraid of water, and the kitchen is a place with heavy moisture, which easily affects the service life of the wooden door. And wooden doors for kitchen doors must be made of glass doors, glass doors can be divided into four types, namely half glass, full glass, inserted glass and clipped glass.


If it is a double sliding wooden door, it is best to make full glass, and then adopt the glass clamping process, because the grid strip of the glass door is very easy to get dirty, and it is difficult to clean, clamping glass can avoid this problem, and general dealers are not willing to sell clamped glass , Because the clamp glass needs a piece of glass more than the insert glass.

2. Aluminum alloy glass door:

Currently on the market, titanium alloys and aluminum alloys are mainly used, but in fact they are all aluminum alloys. The door of this material is strong, durable, waterproof, fireproof and not easy to deform.

But it cannot be matched with the interior door, and the pattern and color are not uniform. And the metal material feels cold and not warm enough. This kind of alloy door is also easy to be corroded by kitchen oil fume, which is troublesome to clean.


In summary, considering various problems, it is better to prefer solid wood glass doors to solid wood glass doors and aluminum alloy glass doors.

3. How to choose the sliding method of the door?

The sliding door is the most common kind of door, which allows the entire space of the kitchen door to pass through and facilitates the moving in and out of the kitchen.

Sliding doors are divided into one-way sliding doors and two-way sliding doors. The advantage is that it is very convenient and easy to open and close. The disadvantage is that it takes up half of the space of the kitchen door and may not be convenient when moving in and out.

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