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What kind of doors and windows should you choose to deal with typhoons

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When choosing doors and windows for home decoration, consumers must choose high-quality doors and windows. Good doors and windows are better than ordinary doors and windows in terms of sealing safety and wind resistance. According to professional inspections, there is no problem with high-quality aluminum doors and windows resisting Class 11 typhoon.

So, in the face of a typhoon, which door and window should be safer?

Aluminum doors

1. Compression resistance

Windproof performance is an important feature of doors and windows, especially for high-rise residential windows. High-quality aluminum doors and windows have strong wind pressure resistance and good seismic effect. They are more suitable for high-rise buildings and civil residences, and they can definitely stand the test.

2. Watertight performance

The good water tightness allows the doors and windows to effectively block the entry of outdoor rainwater when the doors and windows face heavy rain, keeping the interior dry.

3. Air tightness

The air tightness of doors and windows is also the airtight performance.

Aluminum doors

4. Glass performance

Tempered glass belongs to safety glass. The toughened glass has its own resistance to wind pressure, heat and cold, impact, etc., so it is called safety glass and is widely used in automobiles, interior decoration, and windows that open to the outside on high floors.

In the face of natural disasters, human beings often appear powerless. What we can do is to take precautions as far as possible before the arrival of the disaster area to reduce the occurrence of concurrent disasters. Therefore, it is very important for users who live in coastal areas, especially high-rise users, to choose aluminum alloy doors and windows with more wind and pressure resistance when choosing doors and windows for home decoration.

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