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What kind of anti-theft lock core is better

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The anti-theft door lock core level is better than the B-level anti-theft door lock core.

1. Level A of the anti-theft door lock core level:

Among the lock cylinders, the most common is the A-level lock cylinder, which is also the lowest level of the anti-theft door lock cylinder. Almost ordinary anti-theft doors on the market use Class A lock cylinders. Usually, it can be seen from the shape of the key that they are not Class A locks. The appearance of this key has a character key and a cross. Because of their very simple internal structure, there are few marble slots inside, and the position is relatively forward, there is no anti-prying ability, usually used in the bedroom or the living room, it is best not to choose the door for entry and exit.

Lock cylinder

2. Level B of anti-theft door lock core level:

Different from Class A locks, Class B locks have double-row marble slots, and their keys are designed with irregular curves. The anti-theft door lock cylinder is a higher level. Their lock cylinders mainly include double-row computer and double-sided blades. There are three kinds of double-row crescents, which can ensure the anti-pry performance for 15 minutes. Nowadays, many communities or households use this kind of B-class lock cylinder with high safety factor. Because of their higher safety factor, the price has also increased, and the price of the B-level lock cylinder is between one hundred and three hundred yuan.

Lock cylinder

3. Super B level of anti-theft door lock core level:

The lock core of the super-B anti-theft door is even higher. Their lock core is cylindrical, and the shape of the key is a single-sided blade internal milling slot or an external milling slot. After many inspections and researches, this super B-class lock cylinder has a safe anti-prying time of six hours. If the thieves use a forced opening method, the lock cylinder will automatically be locked, resulting in a situation where it cannot be opened. . Usually they are the best choice for some shops, enterprises or factories. They are safe and reliable. Users can rest assured. With the improvement of people's living standards, many families have begun to choose this kind of lock cylinder.

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