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What is the difference between a security door and a security door?

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1. The definition of security door and security door is different.

(1) The full name of anti-theft door is "anti-theft security door". It is equipped with an anti-theft lock, which can resist abnormal opening under certain conditions within a certain period of time. It is a door with certain safety protection performance and meets the corresponding anti-theft security level.

(2) The safety door, also known as the speed gate (wing gate), swing gate, revolving gate, and three-roller gate, refers to a fast, smooth and efficient door that can be opened in both directions.

2. The functions of anti-theft door and security door are different.

(1) The role of the anti-theft door is to prevent theft and safety. The standard anti-theft door stipulates that it cannot be opened with some common tools within 15 minutes. The anti-theft door is one of the most important barriers for every family.

(2) Security gates are not only used for ticket checking in airports, subways and other places, but are also used in high-end office buildings, libraries, theaters, factories, enterprises, convention centers, stadiums, tourist attractions, etc., providing a safe way to enter and exit. Fast, smooth and efficient bidirectional controllable channel.

3. The classification of anti-theft door and security door is different

(1) Anti-theft doors are classified according to their structural characteristics. There are mainly fence-type anti-theft doors and composite anti-theft doors. Fence-type anti-theft door is a relatively common anti-theft door made of steel pipe welding. Its biggest advantage is ventilation, lightness, beautiful appearance, and relatively low price; composite anti-theft door is a combination of solid door and fence-type anti-theft door , It has the characteristics of anti-theft, flies and mosquitoes in summer, ventilation and coolness, and warm and sound insulation in winter.

                               The left is the security door, the right is the anti-theft door

(2) Safety doors are classified according to their structural characteristics, mainly including telescopic quick-pass doors and swing gates. The telescopic speed-pass door is a fast and smooth single or two-way control entry and exit. It can automatically recover the wings when power is off. It has infrared detection and the main anti-pinch function. At the same time, after continuous multiple people pass, it automatically closes, reducing mechanical consumption and increasing life.

Swing type quick-pass door is a kind of pedestrian passage control equipment with high safety protection level. It provides high-security control of passage in two directions, effectively preventing illegal entry and trailing entry.

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