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What is an explosion-proof door and its role?

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What is an explosion-proof door? What does it do?

I often hear explosion-proof doors, but many people are not so familiar with explosion-proof doors. They only know wooden doors and anti-theft doors. They don’t know what an explosion-proof door is. When you plan to install an explosion-proof door indoors,-some people think In fact, the role of installing it is not great, I don't know what the role of explosion-proof doors?

Explosion-proof door

1. What is the explosion-proof door

Explosion-proof door is a kind of anti-explosion protection equipment for resisting the accidental explosion of the device outside the industrial building, ensuring the safety of people's lives and the internal equipment of the industrial building intact, not being affected by the explosion shock wave and effectively preventing the continuation of the explosion hazard. It can be made of special industrial steel plates according to strictly set mechanical data, and is equipped with high-performance hardware accessories, which can guarantee the safety of life. Explosion-proof doors are designed to resist accidental explosions of devices outside industrial buildings, protect people's lives and the internal equipment of industrial buildings intact, and are not harmed by explosion shock waves; effectively prevent the continuation of explosion hazards. The special industrial steel plate is made according to the strictly set mechanical data and is equipped with high-performance hardware accessories. It is more practical and beautiful to use, and can also ensure the safety of life and property. Explosion-proof doors are also called: anti-explosion doors.

Explosion-proof door

2.what are the explosion-proof doors.

①In the event of an explosion, the explosion incident pressure and reflection force set according to the advance notice. Explosion-proof doors can withstand the blasting pressure in this range, and achieve the necessary protection to avoid causing casualties and property damage.

②After an explosion occurs, the explosion-proof door can still be used normally without reaching the predetermined explosive force.

③When an explosion occurs, the explosive force reaches the preset level and can be deformed, but the door components can still be used to prevent people from being left inside.

④Necessary airtight isolation function to prevent the direct convection between the isolated space and the outside air, so as to reduce the pollution of the isolated and protected space from the outside.

Explosion-proof door is a kind of safety facility with self-closing function and emergency escape function.

⑥The common shock wave resistance of explosion-proof doors is: 0.19Mpa=190Kpa, 0.11Mpa=110Kpa.

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