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What are the safety doors?

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There are two types of home security doors sold on the market: fire doors and anti-theft doors(security doors). The former is fireproof, filled with fireproof materials, and is mostly used in commercial buildings and high-rise residential buildings to effectively block fire sources and prevent fire from spreading in the event of a fire; while the latter is widely used by most households, and steel plates and locks must comply with national anti-theft The door standard, the anti-theft performance is higher than the fire door.


Fire doors are mainly classified according to materials and uses, such as wooden heat-insulating fire doors, glass fire doors, etc., but most of them are installed uniformly by the developer before handing over.

As everyone knows, anti-theft security doors have strict grades, and the anti-theft performance of different grades is different. Grade A is the highest, followed by Grade A, B, C, D. The security level mainly depends on the product's steel plate thickness and anti-breaking time. Of course, in addition to the security level, the dazzling array of anti-theft door styles on the market can also be classified into several categories in terms of material and performance. Take Panpan security door as an example, common products can be classified into the following categories:


Steel door

It can be said that it is the most commonly seen and used security door product on the market, and most of the anti-theft doors that everyone is familiar with belong to this series. Ordinary steel doors are made by molding and splicing. The style is more traditional, and it is a kind of product with extremely high cost performance.


Steel wooden door

Also known as steel-wood armored door, the built-in steel structure makes it difficult to deform and be damaged. The steel-wood door is divided into outer and inner sides, which can be matched according to customer needs, especially the inner side can choose different colors and patterns to match The interior decoration matches, and the style is more flexible than steel doors. It is a popular product in recent years.


Cast aluminum door

As the name suggests, the exterior of the door is wrapped with aluminum with a certain thickness, and the surface texture or pattern is exquisite, which not only increases the toughness and heaviness of the door, improves the anti-damage performance, but also makes the door elegant. Cast aluminum doors are mid-to-high-end products, and of course the price is relatively high-end!


Bronze gate

Similar to cast aluminum doors, the facade is wrapped with copper, which is more magnificent and is mostly used in high-end residences such as villas.

Through the above introduction, do you have a general understanding of various security doors? If you want to know more about door selection, you can read this article: This is a belated door selection guide, you must collect it!

The selection of materials for decoration is an important thing. After all, it will take many years. It is still necessary to do some homework before purchasing. Brands on the market are uneven. When choosing materials and products, everyone should choose big brands as much as possible. While the quality of the products is guaranteed, the after-sales are also worry-free. Panpan Security Door has a history of nearly 30 years. Everyone has heard of "Panpan home, live and work in peace". There are more than 2,000 specialty stores all over the country. Purchase and after-sales are convenient!

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