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What are the categories of bathroom doors and how to choose?

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In the process of modern home decoration, bathroom doors are an indispensable category of decorative products. However, due to the special environment of the bathroom, there are many points to pay attention to when choosing the bathroom door. How to choose the bathroom door is better?


How to choose the material of the bathroom door. Generally, the bathroom used in the home decoration process is mostly in two situations. One is the product that has a relatively large space and is decorated in the dry and wet partition; the other is the space is relatively small, and the dry and wet are divided. It is a decorative door product in the case of a zone. For the toilet doors with dry and wet partitions, they can be determined according to the consumers' favorites. For toilets that generally cannot be partitioned, the following aspects can be considered when choosing the toilet door:

1.Choose to use safe but not very beautiful plastic steel doors; its moisture-proof performance is superior. This door has strong water resistance, but the visual effect of this door itself is very low. Many small restaurants use this door, and it is easy to change color and deformation, so unless it is a rental room and there is really no requirement for beauty. Renovation, otherwise it is not recommended to use this kind of door for household kitchen and bathroom folding doors.

2. Choose a door with a steel surface and a wood core, which can be waterproof, but there are not many styles of the door, so there is not much room for choice;


3. Choose aluminum alloy doors. There are many styles with good waterproof performance and rich colors. As long as the quality is closed, this kind of door should be the best choice; aluminum alloy doors are generally divided into two types from the sliding door, one is Heaven and earth sliding, one kind is hanging sliding. During our use, a large number of customers chose heaven and earth sliding. Personally, this kind of sliding is not good, because heaven and earth sliding are generally used on the wardrobe and there is a floor on the door of the room. Rails, such as the bathroom door, may be stepped on or deformed and rusted for a long time, and the sliding door will not slide properly after the dirt enters the floor rail. It is difficult to get the dirt out. A dust cleaner must be used. Moreover, the frame of the sky and the earth is very narrow, and it will flash with light force. If people accidentally fall, they will derail, which is not necessarily safe. All aluminum alloy doors have a feature, that is, they are waterproof and resistant to deformation, but because the materials are different, the texture is different from the bedroom door, and the aesthetics of the bathroom folding door is not very good, especially for some homes. It is not suitable for European style, or Chinese style, wood grain and antique items.

4. Choose stainless steel and glass doors, which are good for waterproof and use functions, but the price is relatively high, and it is not cost-effective to use in ordinary room decoration. In addition, the full frosted semi-glass door type is also a good choice for bathroom doors.

Summary: Bathroom decoration is a major event. Everyone has tried their best for this. In fact, as long as you do your homework, you can become a "home decoration master".

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