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What are the anti-theft door accessories?

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Anti-theft doors are generally appearing in the market, and it can be said that they have been popularized in every household. It is the guarantee of our home life. So, what kind of accessories does such a powerful anti-theft door consist of? Now follow the editor to see what are the anti-theft door accessories? Introduction to anti-theft door accessories.

1. Three-piece security door

That is, the lock cylinder, the lock body, and the handle are three accessories. The handle body is 235mm long and is made of zinc alloy. It feels fine and smooth. The width of the lock body is 241mm. It is commonly used for door side panels with a size of 241*24mm. The lock body is designed as The large bolt lock body can not adjust the direction of the house, which is more safe and reliable.


2. Handle

This is one of the important parts of the anti-theft door: the handle, the essential thing for opening the door, is made of aluminum alloy, it is strong and durable, does not fade and does not fade, stable performance, fine manufacturing process, smooth surface of the handle, and comfortable feel.


3. Magnetic alarm

Magnetic alarm, which is used to detect whether the door sensor, bed or drawer, etc. have been moved or opened illegally. It consists of a magnetic strip and a transmitter. When the distance between the two reaches 50px, it will send an alarm signal to the host Alarm, the anti-theft performance of the anti-theft door installed on the anti-theft door is stronger.

4. Wireless doorbell

Wireless doorbell, you can choose the doorbell, digital signal, prevent external signal interference, ultra-long remote control distance, convenient and practical, the appearance of the doorbell is exquisite and small, the surface is specially treated, and it looks delicate and smooth. This is also a must for a good anti-theft door Spare accessories.


5. Video door mirror

The video door mirror, stylish and exquisite, is made of aluminum alloy material with excellent copper engraving painting, sturdy and durable. It is equipped with a low-illumination night vision infrared lamp and a high-definition digital camera. It has a large field of view and a wide viewing angle. It is one of the important accessories for anti-theft doors. 

According to the editor's understanding, there are many accessories for anti-theft doors. In addition to the above accessories, there are also buckles, hinges, windshields, heat insulation films, locks and so on.

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