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What are the advantages of cast aluminum doors

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Cast aluminum doors are relatively common in daily life, and are generally used in relatively high-end decorations. Cast aluminum doors are also a high-end entrance door, which is an upgraded product of ordinary anti-theft doors, using high-quality steel plates and advanced composite Craftsmanship and wood veneer materials are pressed. Next, I will share with you the three advantages of cast aluminum doors:

Cast aluminum door

1.Functional system-Since the cast aluminum door is hollow inside, it can be filled with any required materials, such as heat preservation materials, fireproof materials, and even radiation protection materials, so that the cast aluminum doors have various functions. According to the test, the cast aluminum door with sound insulation material can reduce the noise by 38 decibels, so there is no need to worry about noise indoors.

2. Structural system-The cast aluminum door body is a complex steel structure system with a layer of decorative panels on the inside and outside to form a complete and tight armored structure without deformation, sagging, or displacement, and it can remain safe and reliable for a long time.

Cast aluminum door

3. Individualized appearance-the unique design in which the inner and outer door panels of the cast aluminum door can be removed and replaced at will, which meets the individual needs of designers and owners to the greatest extent. Since the door panel can be replaced at any time, as long as you want, you can have your favorite door style at any time.

The door body is extruded from cold-rolled steel plate, which has strong impact resistance and has the functions of anti-theft and anti-prying. Different colors of wood and patterns can be selected according to the requirements of users, personalized design, and strive to achieve a perfect interpretation of quality life.

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