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The real soundproof is the interior door or the window

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Many people asked me whether the decoration should be a silent door or a soundproof window?

In fact, there is no need to choose one of the two, because indoor doors and windows have different sound insulation.

The sound we want to isolate is not only indoors, but also outdoors.

1. The interior door is separated from the noise of the house.

For example, you are awakened by the noisy voice outside the door when you are asleep; when you are concentrating on studying, you are interrupted by the sound of cooking in the kitchen; when you are meditating in the living room, the TV series played loudly in the living room will bring you back to reality... These are all happening in daily life and home environment. "Noise" in the house.


2. The window is separated by outdoor noise.

Square dancing, children playing downstairs, screaming, dog barking, tire friction, neighbors quarreling, and even storms and other noise effects are high-frequency noise. The higher the floor, the less the obstruction and the greater the noise. The windows are to bring these noises into the room with less decibels. Therefore, windows and doors do not conflict in the choice of decoration.

Under the premise of providing ventilation and lighting for the interior, aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows can also achieve sound insulation of more than 30 decibels, heat insulation, warm in winter and cool in summer, excellent waterproof and no leakage from rainstorms, prevent ultraviolet rays from entering the room and damage furniture, safety and anti-theft, and open inside. Comprehensive performance such as space saving.


Of course, home improvement itself is a labor and painful thing. When facing various hype, you should keep your head calm and don't blindly follow the trend. The most important thing is to choose the product that suits you.

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