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The purpose of explosion-proof doors

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The term blast door is very familiar to people, but what is suitable for people's lives! Let me explain the purpose of the explosion-proof door for everyone.

The explosion-proof door is determined according to the fire door inspection report obtained. As long as it meets the report size requirements and does not exceed the report specification requirements, it is all possible; it is difficult for ordinary enterprises to break through and apply for larger size products. This type of product has quite strict standards in terms of the selection of production materials, manufacturing process standards, hardware accessories requirements and product acceptance procedures. The high cost of the product is also a main reason why many companies cannot apply for production.

Villa cast aluminum door

The explosion-proof door is to resist the accidental danger of the installation outside the industrial building, to ensure the safety of personnel and the internal equipment of the industrial building to be intact from the explosion shock wave; effectively prevent the continuation of the explosion hazard. It is made of special industrial steel plate according to strictly set mechanical data, and equipped with high-performance hardware accessories, which is more practical and beautiful to use. Guarantee the safety of life and property. The explosion-proof door is also called: anti-explosion door.

1.In the event of a dangerous situation, the incident pressure and reflection force shall be guaranteed according to the pre-announced setting. The explosion-proof door can withstand the blasting pressure within this range, and achieve the necessary protection to prevent casualties and property losses.

2. After an explosion occurs, the explosion-proof door can still be used normally without reaching the preset explosive force.

3. When the explosive force reaches the preset value after an explosion occurs, it can be deformed, but the door components can still be used to avoid being trapped and trapped.

4. Necessary airtight isolation function to prevent direct convection between the isolated space and the outside air, so as to reduce the isolation and protection of the space from the outside pollution.

5. The explosion-proof door is a safety device with self-closing function and emergency escape function.

Villa cast aluminum door

First of all, the material and thickness of the diaphragm of the explosion-proof door must not be changed at will, and the design standards must be strictly implemented.

Secondly, the explosion-proof door of the explosion-proof door manufacturer must not use the entire diaphragm except for the aluminum plate of the cut groove. It must use a single bite interface, and the interface position must meet the design requirements.

Third, the outside of the screw holes around the explosion-proof door should be opened to reduce the opening resistance of the explosion-proof door when the pressure is relieved.

Fourth, there should be asbestos rope or other sealing materials between the explosion-proof door and the flange, and tighten the pressure ring with screws to ensure a tight seal.

Fifth, the explosion-proof door manufacturer recommends that the use of the explosion-proof door be checked regularly, and the template of the explosion-proof door that has been worn or corroded should be replaced in time.

Sixth, after the explosion-proof door of the pulverizing system is blasted, the cause should be found out, the fire source should be eliminated, and the dust accumulation should be eliminated. The purge system should be restarted after the explosion-proof door is repaired.

Seventh, when replacing or inspecting the explosion-proof door, the powder milling system must be shut down and safety measures must be taken. It is strictly forbidden to check or replace the explosion-proof door on the running powder milling system, and it is forbidden to stay or stay around or on the explosion-proof door. walk.

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