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The more lock points of the security door, the better

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The more lock points of the security door, the better? In fact, experts say: 4 lock points of the security door are enough.

The function of the lock point of the anti-theft door is to prevent prying, but it is the lock cylinder that really controls the expansion and closing of the lock point. No matter how many anti-theft security doors have more lock points, there is always only one lock cylinder. Once the lock cylinder is opened, all The lock points can all be opened, so for the purchaser of the anti-theft security door, paying attention to the quality of the anti-theft lock core is the key.

The lock cylinder is the core of the anti-theft lock. Generally speaking, there is one lock point on the top, bottom, left and right of the anti-theft security door, that is, 4 lock points are actually enough.

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Misuse of inferior door locks, the reason why countless nominal "security doors" easily "falls out" is often caused by the misuse of some low-priced inferior door locks in order to save production costs. Most anti-theft safety door manufacturers are low For the locks purchased from the society, the quality of the steel plate of the lock body does not meet the national standards, and some are not steel plates at all. They are made of inferior materials such as imitation cast iron plates or imitation steel, not to mention anti-prying, and some OnePlus The external force can be broken apart.

security door

The more the lock points, the higher the price. In fact, the more the lock points, the more expensive the anti-theft security door is a good product. When purchasing, don't forget to ask the promotional manufacturer to clearly provide the grade standard of the anti-theft door lock used. Is the most important thing.

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