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The misunderstanding of buying wooden doors

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Is the wooden door heavier the better? The misunderstanding of buying wooden doors

Many friends only focus on the style, material and price of the wooden door when purchasing wooden doors. They think that the more expensive the wooden door, the better, and the heavier the quality, the better. In fact, there are many types of wooden doors and various styles. It is not that expensive and heavy are the best for us. Different home decoration designs have different types of wooden doors. Today, I will share with you those misunderstandings in the purchase of wooden doors.

Wooden door

Misunderstanding 1: The heavier the door, the better the door?

Many consumers make this mistake when choosing wooden doors and other solid wood furniture, thinking that the heavier the wood, the better, the harder and more stable, and the sales staff will say that the wood is harder and more stable.

It is not possible to judge the inner part of the product from the weight alone. On the one hand, the weight of particleboard is sometimes larger than that of solid wood. Although the raw material for manufacturing particleboard is broken wood scraps, a lot of adhesives are applied during the production process. After curing, the adhesive accounts for a considerable proportion of the board. As a result, its weight is not light; on the other hand, the density of such stable woods as teak and pineapple grids is not high, so the quality of solid wood is not necessarily related to hardness and weight.

To choose a good solid wood material, not only the weight and hardness, but also the surface workmanship, wood quality, edge banding effect, etc.

Misunderstanding 2: Pure solid wood is the best

It should be said that each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The popularity of pure solid wood doors mainly caters to people's mentality of returning to nature, healthy and environmentally friendly. But the main shortcoming is that the change of moisture content makes it easy to deform, which requires careful care. An excessively dry and humid environment is not suitable for solid wood. Strong direct sunlight and frequent switching on and off of the air conditioner cause excessive humidity changes in each room, which affects solid wood doors.

Wooden door

Misunderstanding 3: Solid wood furniture = absolute environmental protection

I believe that when you are choosing solid wood furniture, you have heard the salesperson say "solid wood furniture is the most environmentally friendly" more than once. Is this really the case?

In fact, the environmental protection of solid wood furniture is relative. Solid wood furniture uses pure natural materials, which is indeed more environmentally friendly compared to materials that need to be added with various chemical agents and processing. But generally speaking, the wood used in solid wood furniture comes from felling trees, while wood-based panels use relatively small amounts of wood, and have high utilization rates and high production efficiency. Most of today's panel furniture meet the environmental protection requirements of the country. Indicators, the release of harmful substances in some materials is even far below the national standard, so the environmental protection of solid wood furniture is relatively speaking, not absolute environmental protection.

Misunderstanding 4: Wooden door hardware is perfunctory

The most important hardware accessory in the wooden door is the hinge. Some invisible hinges on the market install the hinge inside the door leaf. The surface appearance is really good, but this design makes the hinge undetectable when the hinge breaks, and it is easy to cause the door panel to drop suddenly. And other dangers. When choosing hinges, you must recognize big stores, brands, and materials. Never buy Sanwu hardware products.

Wooden door

Misunderstanding 5: The material of the door cover is free

When consumers choose wooden doors, they usually only pay attention to the quality of the door leaf. However, many after-sales problems that occur with wooden doors actually come from the door cover.

There are three types of solid wood multilayer door cover, MDF door cover and solid wood door cover on the market. The waterproof and moisture-proof performance of the MDF door cover and the nail-holding power are relatively poor, which can easily cause the wooden door to sink to the ground. The solid wood door cover is generally toothed wood, and the screw is easy to split. The best choice for solid wood composite doors is the standard solid wood multilayer door cover, which can guarantee the service life of the wooden door.

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