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The kitchen door is beautifully decorated and practical

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When we are decorating, have you ever thought about how to decorate the kitchen door? If you don't pay much attention to the kitchen, it may be a simple sliding door, but people who know how to live will definitely not just do such a simple decoration, but give the kitchen a higher aesthetic. In fact, the kitchen door is better decorated like this. It is not only good-looking but also practical. Let's quickly take a look at how others decorate it.

1. Enough space, lockers + sliding doors

For some families, their home space is relatively large, and the kitchen door is relatively large, so we have many elements to fill in when we design.

If you simply design a sliding door, I think it will be more wasteful. Then we can consider the design of storage cabinets and sliding doors, such as the following decorative design.

There is a sliding door in the middle, and both sides are made into storage cabinets. In this case, these storage cabinets can also be used as sideboards. The bottom is a cabinet with a door and the top is an open storage cabinet. You can also place some decorative items, which will make you feel that the room is more beautiful, really good-looking and practical.


2. Sliding door design of ordinary apartment

For most people, what we common is ordinary sliding door decoration design. Nowadays, in home decoration, it is rare to see the use of side-hung doors. Sliding doors are also a popular trend in most home decorations.

Regarding the glass of sliding doors, there are two types: transparent glass and frosted glass. Some people are worried that there are more oil fume in the kitchen. If it is frosted glass, it may be more troublesome to clean. This can also be considered, but we can not take it as an important point when choosing. As long as the kitchen fume is well controlled, many places are cleaned. Better clean.

In addition, we also need to consider the light factor of the home. If most of the light in the restaurant is provided by the kitchen window, then it is recommended that the kitchen use transparent glass sliding doors, so that the restaurant can ensure enough light.


3. Decoration design of upper sliding door

When you look at many decoration cases, will you find that in some family sliding door designs, the slide rail is not on the ground, but on the top.

In fact, the upper sliding door design is a newly popular decorative design scheme recently. Because if it is a traditional sliding door, the sliding rail below will easily accumulate dust, and there is also a protruding part, which may be inconvenient for the elderly at home when walking. Therefore, the slide rail is moved to the top, so that there is no need to worry about falling dust and stumbling.

But in fact, the decoration design of the upper sliding door has certain defects. The first is that the cost is relatively high. In addition, the slide rail needs to withstand the gravity of all the sliding doors, so the quality of the slide rail is also relatively high.


4. Simple folding door decoration design

Kitchen door decoration is of course some of the above design schemes worthy of reference, but there are also some families, because the apartment is relatively small, the kitchen door opening is relatively small, so if you install a sliding door, it is not realistic. But if it is not suitable to install a flat door, it looks like a bathroom, then there are families, consider the design of folding doors.

In fact, the folding door also has many advantages. After being folded, it does not take up too much space. If it is a sliding door, only half of the space can be opened.

In addition, the folding door is also very convenient to use, which is more suitable for many small-sized families.

So through the above introduction, do you already know several decoration design schemes for kitchen doors? How to decorate the kitchen door is better, it needs to take into account the specific situation of the family to make a specific design, and then make a suitable plan.

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