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The importance of design in the development of door industry

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With the increasing demand for fashion and quality of household life elements, consumers have higher and higher requirements for product design. This kind of design is the embodiment of home furnishing taste, the product of the owner's life philosophy, and the masterpiece of upgrading the consumption concept. Design is gradually becoming a driving force for stimulating consumption and a powerful tool to increase sales.

1.Customization and batch

As the wooden door industry does not have a unified industry standard, the production of wooden door companies lags behind in the modern industry, and they are stuck by the bottleneck of the standard. The lack of industry standards makes products vary from good to bad, and it is difficult for consumers to distinguish the difference between brands. So customized routes became popular.


This is to meet the individual needs of consumers, and also requires companies to design exclusive doors suitable for each consumer. But on the other hand, customization prevents door companies from going global. Industry standards are lagging, to a large extent, hindering the large-scale investment and mass production of wooden door companies, and the market space cannot be expanded, making it difficult to enter the international market.

2. Product innovation and service improvement are the source of development power

With more and more brands in the market and increasing competition, consumers will have more and more choices. With the continuous improvement of consumer awareness and aesthetic standards, the product styles of residential door companies in the market must be more in line with the needs of consumers in order to better establish themselves in the market competition. Whoever can grasp the "high ground" of product upgrades will be able to become the industry leader along the way.

The innovative development of industrial design of the door and window industry is implemented with patent standards and brand creation as specific connotations. It is an important carrier of the property rights strategy and accelerates the formation of my country’s door and window industry from "Made in China."

"Made in China" is a new engine for leap forward. The door and window industry must accelerate the pace of industrial design innovation, so that top-notch and high-end products emerge in endlessly, and let Chinese door factories move China and influence the world. Product innovation and service improvement are the source of power for door enterprises to accelerate their development.


3. Door and window design is becoming more personalized and artistic

Li, a designer who has been engaged in wooden door product design for many years, believes that, "Looking at the wooden door market in recent years, it can be found that low-carbon wooden door products have become the mainstream market trend. With the continuous improvement and development of the wooden door market, the wooden door design concept will be in the future. Play a more important role in the development of the company. In the coming year, wooden door products will follow the past development trend, and will fully demonstrate low-carbon, humane and individualized products."

With the rapid development of the door industry, door products have entered the furniture market. Although the design concept has not been accepted by most door companies, and the design products have been plagiarized repeatedly, the decoration of doors and windows is gradually being valued by consumers. , Door and window design is becoming more individualized and artistic.

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