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The door and window industry in the Internet + era, quality is fundamental

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This is the era of new quality demand, the era of new quality experience, the era of emotional connection with the soul, the era of craftsmanship and quality. The development of the industry is inseparable. Advanced technology and excellent quality are the eternal pursuit.

In the Internet + era, production is still a major prerequisite, and without good products as a guarantee, the cutting-edge concepts are also castles in the sky. Therefore, door and window companies must create first-class products and form brand advantages in order to succeed in the long-term competition.


With the rise of the mobile Internet and the gradual younger generation of consumer subjects, competition in the door and window industry has become increasingly fierce, and it is imperative to take the road of Internet + door and window development. In this Internet + era, door and window companies should insist on quality in order to go further!

1. The era of new quality demands

With the development of the economy, the update and application of new technologies have urged people to increasingly pursue high-quality lives. Consumer demand is undergoing profound changes. The perception of quality has also subverted the traditional definition, not only requiring the market to provide quality and cheap High-quality products and enhanced service experience are more hoping to be satisfied with potential needs, and these are slowly becoming one of the goals of door and window business operations.

It can be said that in the past, the production of door and window products mainly solved people's basic needs, but in the future, it will create more new value in the process of product transformation and upgrading, and these new values can be included in the category of quality.

2. The era of new quality experience

The core feature of Internet+ is the high efficiency of information transmission. It has improved the original consumption model in terms of channels, products, and user services, thereby greatly improving people's quality of life. Specifically, the Internet has overturned commercial channels, traditional door and window companies have been impacted, and e-commerce platforms have risen. Consumers can buy products at more affordable prices while delivering them to their door, saving shopping time.

At the same time, in the Internet era, channels have been simply flattened. Manufacturers directly supply power suppliers and e-commerce companies sell products to consumers, and product prices have dropped significantly. With the help of search engines, not only display space is no longer scarce, but also allows consumers to complete purchases faster and more affordable. Even the application of new technologies will bring users unprecedented experience and feelings, such as: VR (Virtual Reality) technology.


3. The era of emotional connection to the heart

In today's information explosion business society, full of distorted records and big and empty slogans, some people regard the Internet as a tool for making money, some people think that the Internet is a collision of interests, and truly responsible door and window companies can only integrate the human spirit (culture, value) Concepts, etc.) can be integrated into the Internet to exchange heart and soul with customers, change the phenomenon of one-shot sales, and turn customers into users and further into fans.

4. The era of craftsmanship and quality

Since the Internet + Action Plan first appeared in the government work report, this concept has continued to heat up. Some people say that Internet+ is asset-heavy + technology, which is intended to transform the production model with the Internet, transform the circulation mode with e-commerce, and stimulate demand to boost the economy; some say that Internet+ is asset-light + service, which aims to complete the onlineization of the traditional door and window industry , Dataization, realize big data to guide operation and management.

Generally speaking, the society is impetuous, and the pursuit of short, flat, and fast (less investment, short cycle, and quick results) brings more immediate benefits, and fewer people really value quality.

Whether it is increasingly mature online shopping, online payment, or the ascendant micro-business, O2O, the Internet provides the main channel, and the main influence is marketing. This means that in the era of Internet+, production is still a major prerequisite, and there is no guarantee for good products, and even more cutting-edge concepts are castles in the sky. Therefore, door and window companies must create first-class products and form brand advantages in order to succeed in the long-term competition.

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