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The diversified design of the aluminum art door industry has significant advantages

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What new directions will the aluminum art door industry welcome? With the recent real estate market continuing to be hot, the demand for overall custom home improvement in large flats, villas and other high-end residences is also increasing, from composite man-made panels to all solid aluminum, the overall custom home improvement market With rapid growth, as industry giants join the market competition, the overall customized home decoration has entered the era of aluminum customization. At the same time, the intervention of high-standard industrialization will also promote the reshuffle of the industry, thus bringing a new round to the aluminum art door industry. The development boom of the whole aluminum customization market is getting bigger and bigger. Today, the traditional home improvement and building materials industry has entered a stage of low-speed development, but the customization industry has maintained rapid growth despite the overall economic situation. , Brands and merchants that specialize in aluminum customization have sprung up. The reason is that consumers who choose aluminum customized homes are basically villa owners, with the impact of housing purchase restrictions.


More and more citizens have sold a few ordinary houses in exchange for a large house or villa for self-occupation. Many consumers are also affected by the second-child policy and bought large houses or villas to meet the needs of their family population growth. Demand, and most of this type of residences are delivered as blanks, which means that the decoration needs of these owners are increasing incrementally, which to a certain extent also promotes the rapid development of the entire aluminum customization industry.

In order to meet the needs of the market, many aluminum manufacturing factories are changing the form of single production of aluminum products. They have "changed their heads" and re-entered the market as a brand that mainly specializes in customization of aluminum. Few, but now they are numerous. At present, most of the brand manufacturers that focus on "customized aluminum" mostly produce aluminum products related to doors or wardrobes. It is difficult to achieve full-house aluminum customization in a true sense. There is a saying in the industry that there is no big name in the aluminum industry. "At present, many so-called big brands are actually individual brand plate manufacturers "selling dog meat", but local agents carry out processing in small workshops, and cannot realize the customization of supporting large houses. "The output is small, the cycle is long, and the design is weak. Tired connection, low standards, high risks...this is the pain point of the aluminum customization industry."


Although the home improvement industry is mixed and needs to be regulated, it also gives a warning to the aluminum art door industry, making brand manufacturers need to regulate their operations in the future. Among them, brand manufacturers can directly attack the pain points of the aluminum art door industry and bid farewell to the aluminum art door industry. The era of no big names, and redefine the concept of high-end home improvement.

The aluminum art courtyard gate is an emerging product now. The main difference is that it is compared with traditional courtyard doors in terms of material. The aluminum art courtyard gate is made of duralumin or spliced by cast aluminum. Aluminum art courtyard gates It is a kind of courtyard gate. Ronggao cast aluminum courtyard gate looks elegant and unique, luxurious and magnificent, high-end atmosphere, calm and heavy. The product design is the crystallization of Chinese and Western culture, and combines electric, intelligent, and induction into one, combined with electrostatic powder Spraying and fluorocarbon coatings, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, and no rust for life, are the pinnacles of China's large-scale aluminum carving door products, which can upgrade their luxury homes to a higher level.

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