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The difference between steel door and steel wooden door

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Do you know the difference between steel door and steel wooden door? Both steel doors and steel-wood doors are more popular in household products. The two are also easy to be confused literally, but there are still many differences. The following mainly talks about their advantages and disadvantages.


1. The steel door is a special kind of door, which is a perfect combination of natural wood. It effectively complements some of the shortcomings of steel and wood, can improve the overall quality of the wooden door as a whole, and can make the home warmer and safer. The steel-wood door is a commodity made of metal and wood. The steel-wood structure is used for the door frame, and the surface is painted without paint. The appearance of steel doors on the market is very similar to anti-theft doors. In terms of anti-theft performance, the standard anti-theft doors have thick steel plates and strong impact resistance, which implements national mandatory standards; while steel doors implement their own corporate standards. Steel doors are widely used indoors and outdoors in various buildings. Steel doors used outdoors are normally steel doors for multiple purposes. Galvanized steel plates are required. The reinforcements are welded and reinforced by oxygen shielded welding. Waterproof thresholds (or bottom seals), anti-theft pins, and UV resistant are required. High-quality coating to adapt to the harsh working environment of outdoor sun and rain.


2. The advantage of steel-wood door is that it does not need to be painted, and the cost is relatively low. In addition, the oiler can also save a lot of money, which makes its cost virtually lower. At the same time, pollution and deformation of the paint are avoided. Of course, the shortcomings are also obvious. While the door is heavier, the requirements for door covers and hinges are much higher.

Both steel doors and steel-wood doors are made of high-quality steel plates, with many patterns, moisture-proof, waterproof, sturdy and durable, and not easily deformed. They are deeply loved by people and can be personalized to meet people's needs.

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