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The difference between security doors and fire doors?

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Fire doors are laboratories designated and accredited by the Ministry of Fire Protection and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The fire doors have passed the fire resistance test method and have obtained the standard registration certificate and authorized logo of the Ministry of Economic Affairs-called fire doors.


The full name of the security door is "anti-theft security door", which has both anti-theft and safety performance. According to the qualified security door, it is usually used within 15 minutes. Portable electric tools such as chisels, screwdrivers, crowbars and other ordinary hand tools cannot be pried open. Use on the security door The lock must also be a special lock that can only be used after passing the test of the Ministry of Public Security. The security door is made of different materials. Only the security door that meets the standard test can receive the security product license. "Not all doors It can be called a security door".


The fire door uses non-flammable materials as the door frame and door leaf frame. The door leaf panel is composed of non-toxic and harmless fire-resistant and heat-insulating fillers, so that the sealing strip will expand at high temperatures, which has the effect of preventing the spread of fire and smoke, ensuring personnel For evacuation, the opening time of anti-violence is also faster than that of the safety door. In the event of a fire, there will be more rescue time.


Generally, the community installs fire doors instead of anti-theft doors for users. The editor recommends that users on high floors do not need to replace fire doors. Once a fire occurs and the ladder cannot reach the high floors, the fire door becomes the only escape route. The safety door is better than fire prevention. The destruction of the door is more difficult and the time required is longer.

In general, the difference between a fire door and a safety door is that the internal material and structure of the fire door are used for protection and prevention in the event of a fire, and the safety door is better than in terms of anti-prying and anti-theft.

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