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The difference between fire door and fire shutter

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Fire-fighting facilities are an important guarantee for a unit to improve its ability to resist fire. Maintaining its good condition is related to whether it can predict fire in time, whether it can be effectively controlled and eliminated in time, and whether it can provide assistance for evacuation and fire fighting and rescue operations. This article mainly introduces the basic concepts and working principles, usage methods and operating requirements of common fire-fighting facilities-fire doors and fire shutters.

1. Fire doors

Fire-resistant steel door refers to a door that can meet the requirements of fire resistance stability, integrity and heat insulation within a certain period of time, together with the frame. It is usually installed on partition walls of fire compartments, evacuation stairwells, vertical shafts, etc.


(1) Composition of fire door

The fire door is composed of door frame, panel (filled with heat insulation material), fireproof hardware accessories, electromagnetic door stopper and other components. The door leaf is connected by hinges. The door is equipped with a door closer and a fire lock. The double-leaf door is also equipped with a concealed latch (installed on the side of the fixed leaf) and a sequencer to prevent the door leaf from overlapping in the middle. Linked with the normally open fire door are fire detectors and a fire linkage control system.

(2) Classification of fire doors

Divided by material: wooden fire doors, steel fire doors, steel wood fire doors, fire doors of other materials; according to the number of door leaves: single fire door, double fire door, multiple fire doors; according to the type of structure: door leaf Fire doors with fireproof glass, fire door frames with single and double notches, fire doors with bright windows, inorganic glass fire doors; according to the opening and closing status: normally open fire doors, normally closed fire doors; according to fire resistance: Insulated fire doors (Class A), partially insulated fire doors (Class B), non-insulated fire doors (Class C).


(3) Fire door control

Normally open fire doors and normally closed fire doors both open in the evacuation direction. A single-leaf fire door is equipped with a release and a single linkage module, and a double-leaf door is equipped with two fire door releases and two single linkage modules. After the fire detector on either side of the fire door alarms, it reports to the fire alarm controller via the bus. The fire alarm controller sends an action command to the fire door linkage module. The linkage module drives the releaser to produce a release action, and the released fire door is closing The door closes automatically under the action of elastic force. At the same time, the fire door releaser inputs the fire door status signal into the single linkage module, and then sends it to the fire control room through the alarm bus.

2. Fire shutter

Fire-proof roller shutter refers to a roller shutter that can meet the requirements of fire-resistance integrity within a certain period of time, together with the frame. The fire shutter is a kind of fire partition. The vertical rolling fire shutter is usually rolled up and placed in the hinge box above the door and window opening. When a fire occurs, it is lowered and deployed to prevent the fire from spreading through the door and window opening. Fire shutters are generally installed around the escalators, the atrium and the openings of each floor of the walkway, halls, rooms, and places where fire separation facilities are required to replace the firewall.


(1) Composition of fire shutter

The fire shutter is composed of curtain board, seat board, guide rail, support, reel, box body, control box, rolling door machine, stopper, door lintel, manual quick release switch device, button switch and safety device. The equipment linked to the fire shutter includes a smoke detector, a temperature detector, and a fire linkage control system.

(2) Classification of fire shutters

According to its fire resistance limit, fire shutters can be divided into ordinary steel fire shutters (fire resistance limit ≧ 2h), composite steel fire shutters (fire resistance limit ≧ 3h), special-grade fire shutters (fire resistance limit ≧ 4h). When the high-quality fire shutter is used for fire separation, the fire shutter shall be protected by an automatic sprinkler system.

(3) Fire shutter control

①Automatic control: After the fire detector is activated, in the case of linkage, the fire shutter used as a fire partition will drop to the end; used as the fire shutter on the evacuation passage, the shutter will first drop to 1.8m from the ground and another After the temperature sensor is activated, the roller blind is lowered to the end.

②Mechanical operation: first take out the chain, pull down the chain on the side of the curtain, and the curtain will drop downward; pull the other side of the chain down, and the curtain will rise upward.

③Manual operation: Open the manual operation box located on the two sides of the roller blind or on the nearby building components, press the "upward" (or marked with "Δ" graphic) button, the roller blind will roll up, press "downward" (or marked with " "Graphic) button, the roller shutter will descend; press the middle button, the roller shutter will stop running; the other is: in the fire control room, press the manual button corresponding to the control module that drives the roller shutter door to descend. When reaching the designated location, a feedback signal will be sent to the fire control room.

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