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The difference between copper doors

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Bronze doors, historically not only a symbol of identity but also a strong barrier to protect the safety of the mansion, today's modern society has been introduced into villas and apartments. 

So what are the bronze doors? What's the difference on the material?

Copper door classification:

copper doors

Copper doors can usually be divided into: real copper doors, copper clad doors, copper-plated doors, simulated copper doors, copper aluminum doors, imitation copper doors.

Due to price factors on the market, many public consumers will choose copper-clad doors, copper-plated doors, and imitation copper doors. After all, the price is more affordable and cheaper, but if you compare the life and durability and process, it is obviously not comparable to pure copper doors For this reason, some wise consumers prefer pure copper doors. They prefer copper doors with fine workmanship. Naturally, copper door manufacturers should spend more energy on product design and life quality. , Or even consider the local climate characteristics, the residential building scene, and a slight structural adjustment.

So how to distinguish between copper-plated doors, imitation copper doors, aluminum-copper doors, and simulated copper doors?

copper doors

To put it simply: pure copper doors, copper-plated doors, copper-clad doors have a copper skin structure. It has a keel structure with unsuitable strength. For example, the same 1.0MM plate, the real copper door is the solid 1.0MM copper plate; the copper clad door is made of 0.85MM zinc alloy plate with 0.15MM copper foil bonded; and the copper plated door is through A layer of copper foil is plated on the stainless steel material through an electroplating process.

This is the difference. The imitation copper door, simulated copper door, copper aluminum door are common iron door technology, which is essentially iron material. Copper-aluminum is made of imitation copper paint on aluminum alloy, imitating the color of copper.

Without considering the price factor, pure copper doors can adhere to the lifespan as the bottom line, taking into account the luxury of craftsmanship, and both can be achieved. It is one of the personalized products that are currently upgraded for consumption.

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