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The design principle and function of explosion-proof door

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In recent years, the frequency of earthquakes and explosions is not low. Once this happens, the escape route becomes a life-saving straw. So what about explosion-proof non-standard doors? What are the effects of explosion-proof doors?


1. Design principle of explosion-proof door

(1) Design concept: In order to resist accidental or prone explosions in construction installations, such as industrial, chemical, ordnance enterprises, military, etc., to ensure the safety of personnel and the internal equipment of the building to be intact from the impact of explosion waves.

(2) Design ability: The explosion-proof door system has superior explosion-proof performance, with an anti-explosion of 0.152 MPa; (152KPa), passed a number of accredited certifications and tests; the system is designed to operate flexible and reliable, and has anti-explosion performance with fire resistance .

(3) Application: Generally used in industrial buildings, such as the main plants of the petrochemical industry, power industry, petrochemical, military, military, etc., and various rooms in auxiliary plants, such as refuges, substations, control rooms or passages. It is a door for various special purposes set up for the safety needs of blocking the hazards of explosion sources.

(4) Performance characteristics: The weight of the explosion-proof door is light, half the weight of the traditional explosion-proof door, easy to open and close, and can meet the light load requirements of the project.

(5) Equipped with safety facilities: with relevant accessories, the explosion-proof door can be automatically closed after passing through when the explosion-proof door is in normal use under non-explosive conditions.


2. The role of explosion-proof door

(1) In the event of an explosion, the incident pressure and reflection force of the explosion set in accordance with the advance notice. The explosion-proof door can withstand the blasting pressure within this range, and achieve the necessary protection to prevent casualties and property losses.

(2) After an explosion occurs, the explosion-proof door can still be used normally if the preset explosive force is not reached.

(3) When an explosion occurs, the explosive force reaches a preset value and can be deformed, but the door components can still be used to avoid being trapped and trapped.

(4) Necessary airtight isolation function to prevent direct convection between the isolated space and the outside air, so as to reduce the partition (partition decoration rendering) and the protected space from external pollution.

(5) The explosion-proof door is a safety facility with self-closing function and emergency escape function.

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