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Steel fire door purchase skills and maintenance precautions

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1. Buying skills for steel fire doors:

(1) Qualification certificate: The real fire door must be tested and qualified according to the standard by the legal testing agency. There is also a production permit for safety technology protection products issued by the safety technology protection department of the provincial public security department (bureau) where the manufacturer is located.

(2) Level: According to relevant standards, the safety level of fire doors can be divided into level A, level B and level C. Among them, level C locks have the highest anti-theft performance, level B is the second, and level A is the lowest. Most of the fire doors we see in the building materials market are Class A fire doors, which are more suitable for general household use.

Steel fire door

(3) Locks: Qualified fire doors generally use three-position locks. Not only are the door locks locked, the upper and lower bars can be inserted and locked to fix the door. Inferior products generally do not have three-point locking or optional three-point locking structure, and they do not have it. The anti-theft function or frequent failures, most doors are also embedded with rubber sealing strips on the door frame, when the door is closed, there will be no harsh metal collision sound. Steel fire doors.

(4) Process quality: Pay special attention to checking whether there are welding defects, such as open welding, unwelded, missing welding, slag inclusion, etc., to see whether the fit between the door leaf and the door frame is tight, the gap is uniform, whether the opening is flexible, and all joints Whether it is dense, whether the paint plating is uniform, firm, smooth, etc.

(5) When buying, you should also pay attention to the "FAM" logo, company name, and implementation standards of the fire door. Only doors that meet the standards can be safe and reliable.

Steel fire door

2. Precautions for maintenance of steel fire door:

(1) Prevent the normally closed fire doors installed in the evacuation walkway, the front room of the smoke-proof stairwell or the shared front room from artificially opening them during use. It becomes a "normally open" fire door. Once a fire occurs, such a "normally open" fire door cannot prevent smoke and prevent fire.

(2) Check the integrity of the fire doors frequently, check whether the door closers and sequencers are easy to use, and whether the fire doors can be closed in sequence. Whether the screws on the hinges and hinges are loose, if damaged, organize repairs immediately.

(3) Eliminate the one-sided pursuit of decorative effects by the user unit, cancel the fire door frame and only install the door cover made of ordinary wood. The original frame of the door leaf is replaced with other materials, and a large-scale decorative surface layer is applied, thereby destroying the fireproof coating and failing to achieve the fireproof effect.

(4) The normally open fire door should be tested regularly to check whether its self-closing control system, door closer, sequencer, release switch and other aspects are easy to use. Whether it can effectively close itself when a fire occurs, and at the same time, it is necessary to resolutely prevent random stacking of objects next to the normally open fire door.

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