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Solid wood door painting process

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See Introduction to the painting process and painting process of solid wood doors

Solid wood doors are indispensable in modern home decoration. The solid wood door decoration is more elegant and solemn. As for how solid wood doors should be painted, many friends who have just started to process solid wood doors do not know much about it. Compared with other painting workpieces, solid wood doors have higher requirements for painting. Here is a brief introduction to the painting process of solid wood doors:

1.For white embryo treatment, first use water-based putty to plug nail holes, cracks, collapses, dark pits and other defects. Generally, wood-colored water gray is used, and it can also be used by itself. The principle is that the color must be the same as the natural color of wood;

2. Use 150 mesh wood sandpaper to polish and smooth;


3. Brush the sealing primer once; it can also be replaced by a transparent primer;

4. 180 wood sandpaper polishing;

5. For wood with large bristles, you can rub the color paste first. For wood with small bristles, such as pine, you don't need to rub the color. The color is used relative to the special process requirements;

6. Continuously brush the transparent primer for 5-7 times, based on the filling of the bristles. It is not recommended to spray the wood with large bristles such as ash, etc., and the interval between brushing is not less than 4 hours;

7. Repair transparent putty, repair the defects that were missed last time;

8. Polish with 180 mesh dry sanding paper, then use 240 mesh 320 mesh, then use 600 mesh or stretch silk cloth to polish;


9. Dust the surface and clean the environment;

10. Spray all over the colored transparent finish, and polish the small particles with 1000 mesh sandpaper after drying;

11. Then spray the color paint 2-3 times, and lightly grind the prickly heat after drying;

12. The spray head is a semi-matte transparent finish, and polish the heat rash after drying;


13. Spray 2-3 times of transparent topcoat, and the acceptance is completed.

The above-mentioned solid wood door painting process is basic. In addition, there are many more complicated painting methods, such as spraying different paints according to the material of the solid wood door, the direction of the wood texture, etc., which will achieve a better spraying effect.

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