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Small knowledge of villa cast aluminum explosion-proof entry door

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The villa's cast aluminum explosion-proof entrance door is made of modern high-tech processing technology, solid cast aluminum plate, the whole seat is molded, novel and beautiful, elegant and chic, luxurious and magnificent, combining the crystallization of Chinese and Western culture, and integrating electric, intelligent, and induction Integrated with electrostatic powder spraying machine fluorocarbon coating, it is resistant to oxidation and corrosion, and can be kept in the coastal area for a long time without fading and rust.

Cast aluminum explosion-proof door

Villa cast aluminum explosion-proof doors are mainly suitable for garden villas, high-end apartments, super five-star hotels, villa mansions, real estate residential areas, etc. It is not suitable for ordinary families and has a low cost performance.

Villa cast aluminum explosion-proof door products have more advantages than copper door products, style design, more atmospheric. The first door to enter the home is equivalent to the face of the person. The choice of the door also determines the owner's aesthetic. The development of the bronze door has a long history, symbolizing dignity and atmosphere, which is why many people choose the bronze door. The design of the new cast aluminum explosion-proof entry door not only has the high-end atmosphere of the copper door, but also incorporates the European-style door design. It has more modern characteristics and can be perfectly matched with the villa and the courtyard. Compared with the single style of the copper door, the villa's cast aluminum explosion-proof entry door is rich in style, which can be customized according to different room styles.

Cast aluminum explosion-proof door

As we all know, the biggest disadvantage of copper doors is that they are easily oxidized and rusted, damaged by collision, and difficult to maintain. The villa cast aluminum cast aluminum door solves these problems very well. It uses high-strength high-quality industrial aluminum, which is carefully designed and heat-treated to form, and then comes through a fine spraying and baking surface treatment process. Its overall strength is large, and its hardness can resist strong pulling force and strong impact force. It is not easy to fade, exquisite workmanship, and durable.

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