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Several major standards for authenticating anti-theft doors

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In recent years, anti-theft doors have also occupied a certain share in the market. At first, it gave people the impression that its anti-theft function. Nowadays, the production principle of anti-theft doors has brought good news to millions of households.

Anti-theft door products are currently the "guardian saint" of home decoration. With the improvement of people's living standards, the awareness of family property safety and other precautions has also become higher, and anti-theft doors have almost become the common choice of most people. The main function of anti-theft door is anti-theft, followed by decoration and beautification. Therefore, when you buy, remember to focus on the anti-theft performance and quality of the inspection door.

1.According to relevant standards, the security level of anti-theft doors can be divided into A, B and C. Among them, C has the highest anti-theft performance, B is the second, and A is the lowest. Most of what we see in the building materials market is A Class security door is generally suitable for general household use.

2. The thickness of the qualified anti-theft security door is generally above 20mm, and the weight of the door is generally above 40kg. Remove the cat’s eye, doorbell box or lock handle, etc., you can see that the thickness of the steel plate of the door body should be more than 1mm, and there are several reinforcing steel bars inside, so that the front and rear panels of the door body are organically connected. Materials with heat preservation and sound insulation functions are used as fillers, and when you knock on the door with your hands, you will make a "boom" sound.

3. Qualified anti-theft doors generally use three-way locks or five-way locks, not only the door lock is locked, but the upper and lower bars can be inserted and locked to fix the door. Most doors also have rubber sealing strips embedded in the door frame, so that when the door is closed, there will be no harsh metal collision sound. At present, there are two types of anti-theft door locks for anti-theft doors sold in the market: one is the AB key anti-theft door lock, and the other is the smart door lock. The anti-theft door with AB key provides convenience to the new house decoration households. The A key used by the decoration workers to open the door; after the decoration, the owner only needs to insert the B key into the keyhole, and the A key is scrapped.

4. Special attention should be paid to check for welding defects, such as open welding, unsoldering, and missing welding. Check whether the fit between the door leaf and the door frame is dense, whether the gap is uniform, whether the opening is flexible, whether all joints are dense, whether the paint plating is uniform, firm, and smooth.

Insiders pointed out that there are many types of anti-theft doors, and consumers should look for the brand when buying and choose carefully to prevent being deceived!

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