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Several common ways to open household doors

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Several common ways to open household door

1.The swing door is suitable for enough space in the home. The most common in daily life is the so-called "panmen". The main disadvantage of the side-hung door is that it takes up space. The opening direction of the side-hung door needs to occupy a 1/4 cylindrical space with the width of the door panel as the radius. After opening, the space behind the door cannot be used, and it must be vacant at ordinary times to avoid opening the door.

2. Opposite doors: Opposite doors are also called double doors. They are often used in the main entrance of the hall. They are also a type of swing doors. They are similar to double doors. The main materials are wood.


3. Sliding door: Sliding door is almost the "big gold" of all spaces, and it is also the most space-saving choice. Coupled with floor-to-ceiling frosted glass doors, the atmosphere is bright and suitable for small apartments

4. Folding doors: If there is flexible space in the home space, use folding doors as flexible partitions, such as Japanese rooms, half-opened study rooms, etc. The folding doors are convenient for storage and save space, and are less used in bathroom spaces.

5. Concealed door (hidden door): Most people don’t like to see the bathroom door leaf in the space, or consider the design of the opposite. They don’t want the visual clutter caused by the existence of too many doors, so they will use decoration techniques to make the door leaf and The wall design is integrated, and its existence is not visible. It is one of the common ways to open the door in the bathroom space.

The five door opening methods selected above can all realize automatic door opening. Here, the automatic door opening of sliding door and side-by-side door is especially recommended. Due to the characteristics of households, it cannot occupy too much space, and needs to be easy to install, and it must be safe and quiet. It is recommended to choose magnetic levitation automatic door. The SP magnetic levitation automatic door uses a linear motor to drive the magnetic force to complete the opening and closing of the door. Because the pulling of the belt is removed, friction is reduced, so it is excellent in quiet mode, especially suitable for home use.

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