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Seven-step method for door cover installation

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The door cover is a functional interior decoration component, which plays the role of decorating the door and door frame, and can echo the wall decoration. However, the complicatedly shaped door cover tends to give people a sense of disorder, especially in small rooms. Therefore, the current door cover is usually designed to be narrower and tends to be simple. Its protective effect is more than that of decoration. Generally, it depends on the specific design requirements to decide whether to use it. The main function is to prevent the wall from being damaged. The following describes the detailed installation process of the door cover:


1.Check the specifications, opening direction, and related accessories of the door according to the design drawings. Measure the height and width of the door opening with a tape measure. The standard height and width of the door is 200cm×80cm; the height and width of the bathroom door is 200cm×70cm. If there is any discrepancy, please correct it in time. Measure the position line to determine the position of the door frame, use the ink fountain bomb to pull out the vertical line, two vertical lines on one side of the door hole.

2. Drill holes on the vertical line with an impact drill. The distance between the holes and the holes is about 30cm. There are 10 holes in two rows on one door. The drill bit of the percussion drill should be 12mm, and the drill hole depth should be about 6cm.

3. Nail the small wooden wedges into the holes one by one with a hammer to fix the door frame panels. The size of the small wooden wedges is 5cm×1.5cm×1.5cm. It is better to be made of larch, because the wood structure of larch is tight and not easy to loosen.

4. Open the material to make the door frame. The size of the wood board used for the keel on both sides of the door frame is 200cm×3cm×8cm, and the size of the wood board on the top keel of the door frame is 80cm×3cm×8cm. Glue the high-density nine-centimeter board to the keel, and then fix it with air gun nails. Connect the three finished door frames according to the shape of the door, and fix them at the joints with big nails. Use a plane to smooth the surface of the connected door frame, trim the corners, and make the edges and corners distinct.


5. Put the door frame on the door hole, according to the horizontal line of the wall, padded wood or brick under the door frame to adjust the height of the door frame. Reserve 5cm below to be buried in the keel of the floor. Nail a nail on the top of the door frame, hang the wire down, adjust the verticality of the door frame through the wire hanging, and fix the door frame on the door hole with twist nails while measuring.

6. Make the lines of the door face. The door face can be bought off-the-shelf, or it can be made by the construction staff according to the drawings. After the production is completed, fix the door face to the door frame, so that the door cover is basically completed.

7. Put the door on the door cover and make a good drawing, determine the specific position of the hinge on the door cover, and then cut the outlet diameter according to the thickness of the hinge, and also cut out the diameter of the lock cover. Install the door on the door cover, and tighten the screws on the hinge with a screwdriver. Note that the gap between the door and the door cover should not be greater than 1.5mm, subject to smooth opening and closing of the door.

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