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Seven precautions for indoor door purchase

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Many owners of new house decoration will encounter decoration problems of one kind or another. The interior door is an indispensable step in home decoration. It can not only play the role of space barrier, but also play the role of room protection. At present, there are wooden doors, aluminum alloy doors, pvc doors and other interior doors in the market. So, what should novice owners pay attention to when buying interior doors? The following will tell you about the purchase of interior doors 7 Big notes.

Note 1: Door cover

The material of the door cover is also very important to the quality of the interior door. The deformation and sagging of the door is actually a problem with the door cover. For wooden doors, there are two main types of door covers currently on the market, MDF and solid wood multilayer board. The density board is made of wheat orange, straw, sugar cane and other materials chopped into powder and pressed. Although it has a good balance, it is easy to crack and deform and has poor nail holding power. The solid wood multi-layer is made of multi-layer solid wood veneers crisscrossed and laminated, which has strong nail-holding power, good stability, waterproof and moisture-proof, and is very good for home wooden doors.

Note 2: Door core

What does the door core look at? Look at what material it uses and whether it is real.

Note 3: Look at the test report

There are also many kinds of materials. Whether the environmental protection meets the standards? It depends on whether you can provide you with written guarantees. Anything can be said to be unproven, and it is only true if it is written in the contract.


Note 4: Look at the manufacturer's production equipment

Whether the equipment is complete, good production equipment can produce a beautiful aluminum profile surface effect; it can control the pressure resistance and corrosion resistance of the profile, reduce the probability of profile abrasion and deformation, and extend the service life of the product.

Note 5: Choose a good factory direct sale when choosing a product

In order to prevent the agent from eating your price difference, there is no guarantee after sale. How to look at the agent, you only need to pay attention to whether the label is a distributor or whether the manufacturer is a company.


Note 6: Look at the installation

There is a saying in the architectural door and window industry: "Seven points, three points", which shows the importance of installation; if the installation is not done, it will directly affect the future use of your home. So you have to confirm whether their installers are trained and certified professional masters.

Note 7: Look at the brand

Market brand evaluation is also very important. Choose a manufacturer and brand of aluminum alloy doors and windows with high reputation.

Novices need to know more about the professional knowledge of doors and windows when buying interior doors in order to buy home decoration products that are easy to use and good in quality.

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