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Reverse lock door skills, what to do if the door lock cannot be opened

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For many single young people, the safety of housing is very important, especially for young women, who live alone in the house, and the door of the room must be locked before going to bed every day. Many people are concerned about the door lock. The method is not well understood. In fact, if you want to reverse the door lock, you need to pay attention to some skills. Then, what is the reverse lock technique? What should I do if the door lock cannot be opened?

1. Anti-lock door skills

There are two concepts of anti-locking, one is anti-locking outdoors, the other is anti-locking indoors. Outdoor anti-locking is very simple, generally it is to turn the key two more times, so that even if the person in the room has the key, it can't be opened. Only the key can be used outdoors to open it, so as to prevent thieves from entering the house through the window and stealing things directly from the door Leave. The other is the indoor anti-locking. There are many anti-locking methods. Some locks only need to be clicked, some use the handle to turn one turn, and some use the key to turn two turns. In short, it depends on the specific situation.


2. What to do if the door lock cannot be opened

(1) At this time, we need a knife, a sharp and thin knife. The sharper the tip, the better. The first thing to do is to hold the door from the outside of the toilet door, and call the contractible part in the middle as a lock. Shaft, keep the lock shaft away from the lock groove to reduce friction. When the sharp knife penetrates into the gap of the lock groove, press the lock shaft toward the free direction of the lock shaft. Maybe it can't be opened once or twice. I have to try a few more times, maybe I just opened it.

(2) When the door lock cannot be opened, open the door lock by yourself. In addition, when all the methods are used and the door lock cannot be opened, you can ask a professional unlocking company to unlock. Generally, such unlocking companies have specialized craftsmanship and unlocking skills. Just have to pay some money out of your own pocket. This method of asking the company to open the lock is also a method that most people use now.


(3) Asking the locksmith to unlock the lock, and asking the unlocking company to unlock the lock may be the same in behavior, but there are still some differences in its essence. The company can professionally deal with all kinds of difficult and miscellaneous diseases that cannot be opened, which is an integrated end, but the locksmith is aimed at the simple problem of simple door locks that cannot be opened, and is an individualized end. In short, it is for the problem that the door lock cannot be opened. The two methods are different.

(4) How to do emergency treatment when the door lock cannot be opened. Generally, the door lock cannot be opened due to external force, perhaps because the lock tongue inside is unhooked, or the lock tongue is distorted in shape and the screw fixing the lock tongue has fallen off, which causes the door to jam and cannot get out. , I can't get in.

(5) In this case, the better emergency treatment is to find the lock tongue and pull the fallen screw back from the door gap to locate it. This method is limited to situations where the door lock cannot be opened due to foreign material forces.

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