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Precautions for replacing the anti-theft door at home

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As the real estate market is not doing well, many developers choose not to sell as rough houses when they encounter unfavorable apartment types and floors when selling houses. For the owner, this kind of house can save the trouble of decoration on the one hand, but on the other hand, they are more worried about the quality of the decoration of the developer, so we often have to rework part of it again. The door is a common refurbishment point. . The price difference between anti-theft doors and interior doors is huge, and the effect is also very different. Let's first talk about how to open the door and change the door.


Take the anti-theft door as an example. The anti-theft coefficient of the anti-theft door provided by the developer is generally very low, and basically it must be replaced. The weight of our common security doors is as high as a person's weight, so the installation of security doors and indoor bedroom doors and kitchen doors have higher requirements. When dismantling the old door, we should pay attention to let the master's hands and feet be soft, and try not to damage the original door structure. At the same time, when choosing the size of the new door, we also try to match the size of the old door or door opening. Because once the door is big or small, the door opening must be reconstructed. Destroying the original door opening structure will greatly reduce the stability of the door frame. We need to do various supplementary work for subsequent installation, so don't damage it if it is not damaged.

Many people in order to make the entrance beautiful when decorating, the common modification of the door opening is to raise the door opening, and then make the door lintel door upward. Now this technology is very mature, and you can do it with confidence. Here we need to knock down the old door beam. Due to its important fixing effect, the door beam is difficult to knock. Compared with ordinary security doors, the construction will be more difficult. Often workers will charge 50 to 100 more construction fees here. This is what everyone needs understanding.


Next, let's talk about how to do the security door when it is heightened. First of all, you must do a fixed-point measurement before construction. If the decorator is not old enough, the door frame measured by hand is likely to be crooked. The doors are all crooked. The more accurate measurement method is the laser vertex, and the main thing to pay attention to is the radian of the upper and lower right angles. After the measurement is done, the old door frame door beam can be knocked out. We can properly level the frame. Two teeth openings need to be opened on both sides of the door frame, and then cement sand is poured inward to compensate for the instability of the door beam that we removed. . In addition, in order to further increase the stability of the door, we can also add stakes. Adding wooden piles on both sides uses the principle of force interaction. The pressure on both sides of the door will make the door more and more compact during continuous use.

If you encounter a door or window when you lift it up, it is recommended that you do not deliberately remove it, we can fill it with gypsum board. The reason why gypsum board is chosen is its high hardness, which is sufficient for daily use and flexible and subsequent removal is more convenient than cement. Gypsum board is also a relatively sticky putty powder material. After we block the doors and windows, it is impossible to expose the gypsum board to the outside. After evenly applying putty powder and drying it for a few days, it will become the same color as the wall surface. Traces of the window.

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