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Precautions for purchasing indoor doors and entrance doors

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Many people like to call all the doors of a home an interior door. In fact, it is not. An essential feature of an interior door is that it is a kind of indoor door. There is also a kind of entrance door for every household. The two kinds of doors have different usage characteristics. , Consumers also have different requirements for these two doors. This article mainly analyzes the purchase of doors from the characteristics of indoor doors and entrance doors.


1. Entry door

When you hear the entrance door, you will know that it is a door, which separates the outside from the home. This entrance door not only prevents strangers from entering, but also protects the family from wind and rain. Therefore, safety is the first choice. The appearance is second. Anti-theft doors and steel-wood doors are the first choice when purchasing entrance doors. Now the wooden doors installed in the community are basically anti-theft doors, because they have double protection and are the basis for people's safety assurance.

Today, the anti-theft doors on the market are produced under strict national regulations, and the related anti-theft door locks are also uniformly regulated by the state. The anti-theft doors are qualified if they have a stranger picking the door and can support more than 15 minutes. Anti-theft door. The entrance door of the nursing home must have this function. Of course, some solid wood doors and painted doors now also have anti-theft function, but higher requirements are put forward on the production and processing technology of the door, not only the performance is very strong , And the visual effect is better in appearance.


2. Interior doors

There are many types of interior doors. According to the material selection and use process, they are divided into painted doors, painted doors, solid wood composite doors, solid wood doors, solid wood composite painted doors, paint-free doors, etc. The main functions of interior doors are many, and the requirements for anti-theft Not as high as the entrance door, as long as the quality is acceptable, the performance requirements will be slightly lower. There are more requirements for the style, color and style of interior doors.

Of course, indoor doors for different use occasions also have different characteristics. For example, the bedroom door must have noise isolation, and the interior needs a quiet and comfortable resting space. There are many choices for the characteristics of this wooden door. Solid wood doors, painted doors and composite doors are all available. The solid wood doors are fully filled. Solid, so the sound insulation will be better, but the price is higher; the sound insulation of the painted door is also good, and the price of the wooden door is more popular, and it is one of the best categories for people to buy wooden doors; the types of painted doors are also more styles , Can be customized according to customer preferences.

Interior doors and entrance doors are two types of doors with different requirements. Although there are more options for interior doors, the purchase of interior doors is more complicated and the quality control is more difficult.

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