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Pay attention to the quality of aluminum art doors and follow the development of the times

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Is the aluminum art door good and what are its characteristics? For home safety, an aluminum art door must be equipped outside the windows of the house to prevent bad people from invading. The quality of aluminum art doors can directly affect the safety of the home. Now on the market There are often iron aluminum art doors, stainless steel aluminum art doors, aluminum art doors and invisible aluminum art doors. So, how about aluminum art doors, why are so many people using them, and what are the characteristics? I will tell you about the characteristics of aluminum art door, I hope it can help you.

1.Comparison of aluminum art door and other products

(1) Iron aluminum art door, a mesh aluminum art door that is completely bent and welded by iron, generally using iron bars or iron sheets, depending on the consumer's preference, iron aluminum art door It is easy to rust, so some paint needs to be applied to the surface to prevent it from rusting quickly.

(2) Stainless steel aluminum art door, a very common type of aluminum art door, as long as we walk on the street, we can see its figure everywhere, stainless steel aluminum art door solves the trouble of iron and aluminum art door rust, but in However, there are obvious shortcomings in artistic modeling. Generally, round pipes and square passes are used to interlace each other, so people are habitually calling them birdcage-style aluminum art doors.

(3) Aluminum art doors, developed from the advantages of iron and stainless steel aluminum art doors, have good anti-theft performance and are currently one of the most popular aluminum art doors.

(4) The invisible aluminum art door is to solve the problem that the traditional aluminum art door is not allowed to be installed in the community, and a substitute product invented, using a steel wire surround structure, makes the aluminum art door into the invisible era.


2. Advantages of aluminum art door

(1) Excellent decoration, variety of styles, formats, arbitrary choice, random assembly, random assembly of round tubes, square tubes, plum blossom tubes, etc., and the surface treatment has many choices such as wood grain, electrophoresis, spraying, and imitation steel. It can be customized in various colors, which is unmatched by stainless steel and aluminum art doors.

(2) The anti-theft performance is better. Compared with other aluminum art doors, the main anti-theft parts of the aluminum art door are connected with the decorative pipe and the spacer is several times stronger than the stainless steel welded aluminum art door.

(3) Replacement products, unique decoration, can meet the requirements and matching of modern decoration, strong anti-theft performance and fast processing and assembly procedures, will inevitably become the third generation of door and window protection products, aluminum courtyard doors.


Disadvantages of aluminum art doors aluminum alloy is not as strong as stainless steel aluminum art doors, and it is easy to break after a long time, so it will become a big loophole for thieves to take advantage of the emptiness. The characteristics of aluminum art doors are for aluminum art door materials on the market. It has very obvious characteristics. One is that it has high strength, the aluminum art door is more sturdy, the other is that it will not rust, and has a long service life, and the installation is very simple and convenient, without welding, saving a lot The manpower and material resources, and the cost is not high, it also has a great advantage in price, and it has a very high sex-price ratio.

In addition, the overall aesthetics is very good, and it is maintenance-free and high-value. The price of aluminum art doors is naturally different for aluminum art door materials. The prices of products produced from different raw materials are naturally different. Generally speaking, the price gap It is relatively large, ranging from 100 yuan to a few hundred yuan. Generally speaking, low-priced aluminum alloys are mainly made of scrap aluminum, and the value of use is not large, while the ordinary ones are around 200-400 yuan. Good materials Several broken bridge aluminum, the price is relatively high, above 600, the specification size of aluminum art door material The specification size of aluminum art door material is mainly marked by the height dimension of the profile section. Currently, the profiles on the market mainly include 35 series and 38 Series, 40 series, 60 series, 70 series, 90 series, etc. The main classification mark is the width of the main frame. The larger the width, the better the product will be. Generally speaking, the aluminum art door used has the width There are certain regulations.


The gate of the aluminum art villa is made of industrial aluminum, which is made by the new technology of classical buckle combination after extrusion, aging, melting, high temperature electrostatic spraying.

The aluminum art villa gate does not need welding, wire connection and corner code connection. Its nodes are tight and seamless, safe and reliable, beautiful and fashionable, not rusty, green and environmentally friendly, and have a long life. The aluminum art villa gate not only meets the needs of the development of the times, but also In response to the strategic policy of low carbon consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.

The gates of aluminum art villas have become an indispensable building material product for safety enclosures and decorative isolation in life. It will become a new measure, new concept and new image in the construction of the real estate industry.

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