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Never use doors for bathroom decoration

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Speaking of bathroom decoration, there is really something to say. The bathroom is a special area in the layout of the whole house. If the bathroom is not well decorated, it will not only affect the daily use, but also make the mood worse. In the bathroom decoration process, many people only pay attention to the waterproof, floor drain and other places. In fact, from the living experience of people in the past, what kind of door is used in the bathroom is quite important.

In the bathroom decoration, why should we emphasize the use of the door? This is mainly related to the bathroom environment. The bathroom is basically in a humid environment all year round. Even if the wet and dry separation is done well, water stains on the ground cannot be avoided. What's more, in many small-sized bathrooms, there is no way to separate dry and wet, which aggravates the humid environment, so a door that fits the bathroom is very important, not only can block moisture but also block odors. Therefore, some doors do not meet the installation requirements of the bathroom.


What kind of door can't be used in the bathroom? The answer is obvious, that is, wooden doors, especially MDF wooden doors, once exposed to moisture, they are extremely easy to rot, and finally have to change the bathroom door, wasting time and money. When decorating, don't choose because of the beautiful shape of the wooden door. You will regret it later. What kind of door should I choose for bathroom decoration?


According to the bathroom decoration experience and the use environment of the bathroom, the metal door is the first choice, and the hinge of the door must be made of stainless steel that is not easy to rust, so as to ensure long-term reliable use. Aluminum doors with imitation wood grain or stainless steel doors are both good choices. If you insist on using wooden doors, please choose hard solid wood doors as much as possible, but it is difficult to guarantee that the wooden doors will rot or deform over a long period of time. Please consider carefully! Finally, I would like to remind you again that the door made of MDF is absolutely impossible to choose, even if it is beautiful or cheap.

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