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Kitchen hanging rail door

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Is the kitchen still a "sliding door"? Outdated, now popular "this kind of door"!

With the popular styles and collocations of decoration design, new ideas or styles will appear every time.

Just like a small kitchen door, the sliding door that has been popular before is outdated. Now this kind of door with unique appearance and strong decorative effect is becoming popular. Moreover, this kind of door is tightly closed, and the appearance is still good!


Kitchen door-traditional sliding door

Sliding doors have been popular for many years. In fact, at the beginning, the kitchen was directly opened with a flat door, which has a better airtightness, but it affects the lighting and is troublesome to switch. The emergence of sliding doors solves this problem. Sliding doors are very convenient to open and close, and they are generally made of translucent materials with good lighting.


Kitchen door-the new popular hanging rail door

After sliding doors have been popular for a long time, hanging rail doors have gradually become popular. Compared with ordinary sliding doors, what are the characteristics of hanging rail doors? How is the hanging rail door used?

Hanging rail door: Hanging rail door is a kind of door that uses upper hanging wheels to support sliding. The feature of the hanging rail door is that there is no lower rail, unlike the sliding door, it also needs to install a floor rail. Hanging rail doors only rely on the upper hanging wheels to support sliding.


The advantages of the hanging rail door: when the door is opened, there is no noise, no threshold, beautiful and generous. And it is especially suitable for spaces where lower rails cannot be installed, such as stone floors, spaces where the elderly and children often walk around. The hanging rail does not need to be installed with a floor rail design, so that the ground remains smooth, so that you will not be tripped when you enter and exit the kitchen, and you do not need to be careful.

Hanging rail doors are divided into light hanging rail doors and heavy hanging rail doors. The former is light and easy to push and pull, while the latter is thick, strong and durable, which is different.


Do you like the design of hanging rail doors? If you don't want to install the original swing door, you can install this kind of hanging rail door that does not take up space directly. The hanging rail door has good airtightness and is tightly closed, so you are not afraid of oil fume running into the living room.

Compared with sliding doors, hanging rail doors also have decorative functions, with various styles, and colors can also be painted in your favorite colors according to your preferences, and the matching effect is very good.

What do you think of hanging rail doors compared to sliding doors? Are they nice and tightly closed?

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