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Is the security door suitable for installing a ventilation fan?

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In the case of limited total funds, most people have to buy small houses. Small-sized houses occupy a small area, the weather is hot, it is difficult to ventilate, especially the small-sized houses with impermeable north and south defects have poor ventilation conditions, and the air in the whole house is stuffy and stagnant. If the air conditioner is operated frantically at all times at home, the electricity bill will be a long list. Someone has suggested that if a hole is opened in the security door so that the outside air and indoor air can be exchanged, is this method really feasible?

1. Reasons and defects that cannot be installed

The nature of the home security door is a closed security door. If you open a hole directly, it will cause a series of negative effects. For example, it will damage the lining of the security door, reduce the real-time service life of the security door, and destroy the security door. The anti-theft function of the door reduces the anti-theft effect, causing property damage and even the owner's life safety.


2. Advantages of installation

However, this is not a complete rejection of the anti-theft door can not have ventilation windows, it has certain advantages. Installing an anti-theft door with ventilated windows is conducive to the conversion of fresh air in impermeable houses from north to south. Breathing in fresh air can keep the whole family healthy, regardless of age or sex.

3. The most suitable situation for installation

An anti-theft door with ventilation windows always has its suitability, such as these two types:

(1) The purchased house type is impervious to north and south


(2) Small apartment houses

However, in no special circumstances, whether the anti-theft door has its own ventilation window or not, or artificial ventilation windows are the result of more harm than good:

1) Although they are in the same community, everyone does not know each other. Opening the window rashly may expose privacy and cause unnecessary trouble.

2) Weakening the sound insulation function, resulting in poor sound insulation

3) In long-term use, the sealing strip of the ventilation fan has aged and failed, the sealing effect has become weak, and the unsafe index has increased.

Therefore, it is better to follow the advice of professionals and choose to close the anti-theft door as much as possible.

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