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Is the door facing the window?

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At present, for modern home furnishings, most users pay more attention to interior decoration issues during decoration, especially doors and windows. Doors and windows are two more important exits in the building. Therefore, they must pay attention to Feng Shui. Is the window okay?

1. Is the door facing the window?

First of all, according to Feng Shui theory, windows and doors represent scattered. If there are too many doors, then the family is easier to decline. However, windows represent scattered. As we all know, the door of a home is facing the window, and the door and window form a straight line. The owner’s career will have an adverse impact, and the wealth will enter through the door and slip through the window, affecting the development of the career. If the door is in Kyrgyzstan, the wind blowing in from the door is very auspicious.


2. What are the methods of cracking the door to the window

(1) We can place a seven-star array of Pixiu or a seven-star ingot at the entrance, or place a gathering array on the rear window or balcony. You can also use the method of placing five emperor coins and ten emperor coins under the door threshold or the carpet at the entrance. In addition, you can also place some green plants with very lush leaves in the living room.

(2) We can also decorate an opaque screen at home, or install shading curtains on the side of the window, but most users will use partitions to resolve them, but you must pay attention when choosing partitions, such as partitions. The pattern or color.

(3) If there are too many windows in the house, we can modify some windows or change the direction of the door. You can also install some partitions between doors and windows, such as screens, bead curtains, large feng shui green plants, flower stands, and three-dimensional cabinets, which can block the relative evil of doors and windows, and at the same time can slow down the rapid flow of airflow between doors and windows.


(4) One of the cracking methods is to paste the Tianguan’s blessing font between the door and the window. It is a kind of item specially used to resolve the relative improvement of the door and the door. It is currently a modern method of cracking door to door. At the same time, it is also a very good ornament, and it can also beautify the environment.

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