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Interior decoration, exquisiteness starts from the door

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In terms of the concept of designing to serve people, high-frequency components like the door should not only be practical and convenient, but also durable. The door has many textures and colors, which have a direct impact on the overall space decoration effect.

1. Three main points:

(1) Light wood-colored door-light color is recommended to match a simple bedroom style.

(2) Room doors with medium wood color-versatile and easy to use, such as modern style and tooling style.


(3) Dark wood doors-calm and atmospheric space match each other. 

2. Common door colors:

(1) Log color door

The wood color looks like you want to be in nature. Such an element has a wooden texture. It is recommended to match it with simple, Nordic style, etc. Light colors are recommended to match a simple bedroom style.

(2) Pure white door

White is a color that can be said to be no good, and it is not easy to become obsolete. It is recommended to use it on the door of the room and keep it consistent with the overall color of the wall. Because the pure white wall is a frequent visitor to simple decoration, it is not easy to look tired and is very suitable for American style.


(3) Dark wood door

Dark wood gives people a sense of calm and atmosphere. Our common Chinese style has common dark wood elements. The dignity and composure are fully demonstrated.

(4) Doors of various other colors

The color of the door still depends on the decoration style of the whole house, and the key is to match them perfectly. In the design part, accessories are very important, and it is especially important to choose a reliable team.

A little trick every day to achieve the perfect home improvement.

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