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Installation points of stainless steel glass doors

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1.Before the start of all installation steps, it is necessary to ensure that the other processes of interior decoration and decoration can be carried out after the construction is basically completed, and the laying and positioning must be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the design drawings.

2. The width of the limit groove at the top of the stainless steel glass door frame should be 2~4mm larger than the thickness of the glass, and the groove depth should be between 20~30mm for glue injection.


3. When outsourcing the metal decorative surface, the head joint of the decorative surface should be placed in the middle of the two sides of the installation glass. The seam position must be accurate and vertical.

4. The positioning method when installing the glass door leaf of the stainless steel glass door is: insert the upper part of the glass into the limit slot at the top of the door frame, and then put the lower part of the glass on the bottom support to align the center line, and align the door frames on both sides The installation position of the thick glass is such that the two sides of the thick glass just seal the metal decoration of the door frame facing the seam, and it is required that the facing seam is invisible inside and outside.


5. When injecting glass glue to seal, the injection sequence should start from the end of a certain gap to the end, without stopping in the middle.

6. In the process of connecting the glass of the stainless steel glass door, the glass cut of the butt joint must be reversed, and after the glass is fixed, the glass glue should be used to enter the gap, and the plastic sheet should also be used to scrape the glue after filling. Make the gap form a clean and uniform straight line. Use a clean cloth to wipe off the glue marks on the glass surface.

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