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How to repair cracked wooden doors

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I learned the principle of thermal expansion and contraction in junior high school, and the coefficient of expansion of wood products becomes more obvious when the temperature is high. Many users' favorite wooden doors may also have cracking problems under certain circumstances. In general, there are many reasons for the wooden door to crack, so how to repair the corresponding wooden door crack?


How to make up for a cracked wooden door? The first reaction is definitely to contact the merchant to repair the wooden door. Usually, the wooden door brand merchants have after-sales service. You can contact the merchant or return the wooden door to the factory for repair or on-site repair. However, many users find it troublesome to find a merchant for a small problem, especially if there is no local service outlet, or even if there is no after-sales service, they need to make repairs by themselves. These steps are generally used for repairing wooden doors.

1. Prepare some waste newspapers and cut them into scraps with scissors. Add an appropriate amount of alum to the paper scraps and mix well. Pour the mixture of paper scraps and alum into the container prepared in advance, add a small amount of water, and stir again.


2. Place the container on a slow fire and boil it into a paste. Stir constantly during the cooking process to make it even. Then fill the cooked paste mixture into the cracks of the wooden door and let it air dry.

3. Use paint pens or special wooden door repair pens to paint color on the filled area to make it coordinate with the color of the entire wooden door.

However, there are certain precautions for this: If it is a serious damage, it is best to ask someone to repair it, so as not to be unfamiliar with the method and make it worse.

Of course, in order to reduce the occurrence of this situation, the wooden door should be cleaned regularly as much as possible. Do not wash it directly with water. Put a layer of wax on the door regularly, which can not only increase the brightness and beauty of the door, but also protect the door. The role of the so-called small method has great effect.

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