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How to maintain copper doors?

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No matter what kind of door, we should take good care of it. The door has been outside for a long time, and the sun is blowing.

copper door

The copper door is also not listed. Under the long-term wind and sun, an oxide film is formed on the surface of the door to give the copper different colors. It is easy to make the copper door discolor, rust and other phenomena. This destroys the original appearance of the copper door, and the door becomes ugly, and our mood is not good. So how do we deal with these problems?

1. Maintain the integrity of the outside of the copper door to prevent bumps and impacts. Generally, the high-end products in copper doors are expensive, and they require extra care when using them. In the usual copper door maintenance, we can clean it with a thousand towels. Because of the material of the copper door, its maintenance is very important. If its surface is particularly detached, the electrolytic plate inside will be exposed, and once the electrolytic plate comes into contact with the oxygen in the air, an oxidation reaction will occur, resulting in The electrolytic plate is rusted, which affects the appearance of the door.

copper door

2. Always clean the copper door and wipe the dust on it to keep it clean.

3. When opening and closing the copper door, pay attention to it, and you need to apply even force, not too hard.

4. When using it, it is found that the opening is not smooth, and it should be reported to the staff in time.

copper door

5. If oil stains and other things appear on the doors and windows, they can be washed off with a neutral detergent, otherwise it will cause huge damage to the doors and windows. Although copper doors are naturally anti-corrosive, they are prone to chemical changes when they encounter large amounts of sulfur and sulfides. Therefore, you need to be reminded that if it is used outdoors, such as the door of a villa, it should be wrapped in the outer frame of the door to protect it from rain and snow and prevent corrosion of sulfides in precipitation.

6. When the copper door is opened and closed, pay attention to it, and you need to work hard evenly.

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