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How to maintain a pure copper door?

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The maintenance of the door is very important. Regardless of whether it is an iron door, a pure copper door, or any other door, it must be well maintained, because the door is outside for a long time, and the copper material is processed by electrochemical methods to form an oxide film on the surface of the stainless steel. , So as to give the copper a different color. A series of phenomena such as discoloration and rust are prone to occur. This will destroy the original appearance of the pure copper door, and it will become ugly. How to maintain it?

For the maintenance of pure copper doors, doors and windows, although they have been said before, many people still don't know how to do it. Here is a summary of the specific maintenance methods.


1.It is to maintain the special integrity of the outside to prevent bumps and impacts. Generally, high-end products in pure copper doors are expensive, and you need to be extra careful when using them. We can clean them with dry towels in the normal maintenance of pure copper doors. Because of the pure copper door's own material, its maintenance is very important. If its surface is particularly peeled off, the electrolytic plate inside will be exposed, and once the electrolytic plate comes into contact with oxygen in the air, it will undergo oxidation reaction. The electrolytic plate is rusted, which affects the appearance of the door.

2. Frequently clean the pure copper door, wipe off the dust on it, and keep it in a clean state.

3. If there are oil stains on the doors and windows, they can be washed off with a neutral detergent, otherwise it will cause huge damage to the doors and windows. Although pure copper doors are naturally anti-corrosive, they are still prone to chemical changes when they encounter a large amount of sulfur and sulfides. Therefore, we need to remind you that if it is used outdoors, such as the door of a villa, it should be wrapped in the outer frame of the door to prevent rain and snow from falling, and prevent sulfide corrosion in precipitation.


4. Remove the dust and stolen goods in the inner corners of the pure copper doors and windows in time, so as not to block the doors and windows to open smoothly.

5. Don't knock on doors and windows with hard things.

6. The pure copper door needs attention when opening and closing, and it needs to exert even force.

7. It is found that the opening is not smooth when using it, and it is necessary to find the cause of the matter in time to solve it.

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