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How to distinguish true and false solid wood doors?

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More and more families choose solid wood doors when decorating their doors. Nowadays, wooden door manufacturers on the market are mixed, and the quality of wooden doors is uneven. How should consumers choose a solid wood door? How to distinguish the true and false of the solid wood door? Next, let's take a look at the method of distinguishing the true and false solid wood door, and practice a pair of eye-catching eyes.

How to distinguish true and false solid wood doors?

1. Look at the texture: The texture of the high-quality log door is clear and natural. The texture and knots on the front and back sides are basically symmetrical, but the size may not be exactly the same. If it is not an original wooden door, but a wooden door with wood-grained paper on the outside, the grain is too symmetrical and not natural. For example, composite solid wood is made of solid wood as the inner core, pasted with veneer or stickers, and there are splicing marks on the appearance.


2. Look at the cross section: clear wood grain can be seen in the cross section of the log door, and there is no trace of splicing. Lower-grade solid wood doors are made of wood residue or honeycomb paper. Although consumers cannot see the cross section of the wooden door when purchasing the wooden door, when the worker opens the hole and opens the hinges, they can see the internal raw materials of the wooden door, which can determine whether it is a log door.

3. Look at the weight: Since the solid wood door is made of a whole piece of wood or the same kind of wood, it is heavier than ordinary non-solid wood doors in weight. Consumers can weigh the weight of the door before installation. However, it is worth noting that some boards made of wood chips and glue are pressed, such as particle board, and the actual weight of wooden doors made of this board is not light. In addition, due to the size and thickness of the door leaf and the difference in the door core filler, the weight of the wooden door is also different. Therefore, specific weight is not a reasonable basis for judgment.


4. Look at the moisture content: The moisture content index mainly affects the dimensional stability and deformation of solid wood doors. If the content is too high or too low, problems such as shrinkage, expansion, cracking, and deformation may occur during use. Generally speaking, the moisture content of solid wood doors needs to be below 12%. Generally, the solid wood doors do a better job in the dehydration process, and the relative moisture content is about 8%, so that the formed wooden doors are not easy to deform or crack, and they will take a long time to use. When purchasing, you can focus on the moisture content of the product.

5. Look at the appearance: check the color, detail, texture, etc. of the solid wood door. For example, whether the color of the paint is transparent, bright and soft, whether the keyhole, hinge hole, and concealed pin hole are opened neatly, whether the joints of the door leaf structure and the door cover structure are meticulous.


6. Look at the carved flower: the original wooden door can produce a wide range of carved technology, the carved is beautiful and beautiful, and the three-dimensional feeling is stronger. If it is not a log door, it cannot be carved directly on the door, and can only be made into solid wood decals, which will have weaker realism and three-dimensionality.

7. Smell the smell: by smelling the smell of the solid wood door, preliminary judge the environmental protection of the solid wood door. Solid wood doors are generally more environmentally friendly, while solid wood composite, molded doors and other types of doors require a large amount of chemical substances such as adhesives due to the filling of the door core and the splicing of parts, which are less environmentally friendly. Therefore, in order to prevent businesses from using solid wood composites to pretend to be solid wood doors, they can be distinguished by smelling methods.


8. Listen to the sound: You can listen to the sound by tapping, the sound of good wood is mellow and textured. Consumers can knock on various parts of the wooden door with their hands. If the tone is uneven or even hollow, it is definitely not a solid wood door.

9. Look at the price: the unit price of a log door is usually 2,500 yuan to 10,000 yuan, and if it is less than 2,500 yuan, it will probably not be a log door. In addition, there are many styles of log doors to choose from. Because of the messy manufacturing process, it will take longer to make to order.

10. Look at anti-counterfeiting: some businesses will choose to act as agents for certain well-known wooden door brands, but purchase goods from other manufacturers at low prices to pretend to be big brands and make huge profits. Consumers can verify through the anti-counterfeiting query method announced by the brand.

This is the introduction of how to distinguish the true and false of the solid wood door. I hope that the methods of distinguishing the true and false shared in this article can be helpful to everyone.

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