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How to distinguish true and false fire doors

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Fire doors are one of the facilities for building fire separation. They are usually used in firewalls, stairwell entrances or duct well openings. In addition to the functions of ordinary doors, fire doors have the function of preventing the spread of fire and smoke. Prevent the spread of the fire within a certain period of time to ensure the evacuation of personnel. In the event of a fire, a fire door is a protective door to protect people's lives and property, but unqualified fire doors cannot be fireproof when a fire occurs, and some may even make the fire more intense. In this way, the escape route has become a way of no return.

It is understood that there are many unqualified "counterfeit" products on the market. Some shopkeepers do not know what a fire door is, and think that as long as it is made of steel, it can be fireproof. According to the test results, the fire resistance limit of steel doors is only a few minutes. And some merchants even blatantly sell steel doors as fire doors, so everyone must strictly check when buying.

What are the hazards of using poor-quality fire doors?

At present, the time for the fire door to function is generally 0.5-1.5 hours, sometimes even 2-3 hours. During this time, the fire door can block smoke and fire. The use of high-quality fire doors can inhibit the spread and spread, and win valuable time for evacuation and firefighting and rescue. If you use inferior fire doors, the fire cannot be well controlled in the precious time and the consequences will be disastrous.

How to distinguish true and false fire doors?

Ordinary consumers have to identify real fire doors and learn to "Four Looks":

1.Look at whether the fire door has a certificate and inspection report. The certificate is the "Product Type Approval Certificate" issued by the Fire Product Conformity Assessment Center of the Ministry of Public Security. The inspection report is the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems and Refractory Components or the National Fire Protection Building Material Quality For the inspection report issued by the Supervision and Inspection Center, the authenticity of the certificate and inspection report can be verified by logging into the "Information Search" column on the homepage of China Fire Products Information Network, clicking "Combined Search" and entering the certificate or inspection report number.

2.Look at whether the fire doors have a red identification mark (the big black "S" in the middle). Each fire door must have an identification mark.

3. Is to see whether the fire door has a product nameplate. The name of the manufacturer on the nameplate should be consistent with the certificate and inspection report. The product name should clearly indicate that it is a fire door product.

4. Is to see whether the accessories such as door closers and fire locks of the fire doors are complete, whether there is a fire sequencer on the double-leaf door, and whether the fire door is attached with a fire seal.

The quality of the fire door is important, but the installation quality cannot be ignored. For example, the movable gap between the door leaf and the lower frame of the door or the ground should not be too large. If it exceeds 9mm, it will affect the effect of the fire door. For steel door frames, cement mortar should also be poured into the door frame. Knock on the door frame to hear whether the sound is crisp or not. You can know whether the cement mortar has been poured. If you hit the upper part of the door frame, you can know whether it is filled. There should be no gaps between them, and the gaps should also be filled with cement mortar. Since the wood used in the door frame is flame-retardant, you can simply check whether the wood has been flame-retardant: cut a small piece from the surface of the door frame. The wood chips are ignited with a lighter. If the fire is extinguished immediately after the lighter is removed, the wood has undergone flame-retardant treatment; if the wood chips continue to burn after the lighter is removed, the wood has not been flame-retardant.

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