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How to decorate the door facing a wall

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The entrance door is facing a wall. I think there will be two situations. One is that the wall is closer to the entrance door, which can be treated as an entrance wall; the other is that the wall is far away from the entrance door. It may be a wall of a bedroom or bathroom, which can be treated as a side view wall, and the decoration between them is also slightly different:

1. The wall is used as the entrance wall decoration

As the first wall that comes into view after entering the house, the decoration style of the entrance wall should be unified with the family decoration style. I think its decoration methods can be divided into the following types:


(1) Do not make more obvious "differential treatment"

The decoration of the entire wall is not treated as a "special" treatment. Treat it as an ordinary indoor wall, and do a unified decoration treatment with other walls. In my opinion, this method allows the home to be at the entrance. Start” instead of passing through a relatively independent entrance area first, and at the same time give the space a good “extensibility”.

(2)Combined with practical functions

Set up storage cabinets on the wall opposite to the entrance door, which can be used as a shoe cabinet closer to the entrance; and used to place ornaments, flowers and other decorative spaces farther away, so that the family environment will be lost at the entrance. Light up".

A storage cabinet with a door, and a door that blends with the decoration style is a good "decoration". If the door is not transparent, it can also "hide" the stored items. Make the space cluttered because of them.

(3)Combined with hollow partition

The wall facing the entrance door can be partially dismantled. A hollow partition is added at the removed position, so that the "indoor" and the entrance can have their own areas, maintaining relative independence, and the hollow partition is "broken and connected." The characteristic of "transparency" does not form a "complete" separation between the two areas, and the space has a good "extension", allowing the "indoor" space to be faintly visible at the entrance, and it also adds a sense of hierarchy to the space.

The material, color and style of the hollow partition are selected according to the size of the removal location, decoration style, personal preference, etc. However, the hollow partition with a more complicated shape will be inconvenient to clean, which needs to be considered.

Do modeling decoration design on the wall facing the entrance door, which is exaggerated, or euphemistic, or complex, or simple and bright... No matter which way it is presented, it must be able to integrate with the home decoration style, and There must be a certain "representation" of the decoration style.


If the wall facing the entrance is closer to the door, there will be a sense of oppression when entering the house. You can make a certain thickness on the original wall. Although it will further reduce the space area, it is a wall. The "deep and shallow" layers brought by the surface visually give the wall an "extension", effectively reducing the sense of cramps and oppression brought to the space.

2. The wall is treated as an end view wall

Although the end view wall is far from the entrance door, it can still attract people's attention more directly and become the first place to see after entering the house. I think there are two ways to deal with its decoration:

(1)Use latex paint or wallpaper with the same material, color and pattern as other walls on the wall, with hanging paintings, which can be well unified with the environment, but also can be "different". The hanging paintings become the "side view wall" "The protagonist", to a large extent, its content represents the intention that Duanjing Wall wants to express, so put your interpretation of the home in the hanging painting, so that you can see it at first sight after entering the house. it!

(2)Make a shape that matches the decoration style on the wall. Such a side view wall will be obviously different from other walls and more eye-catching; if the material used in the shape can be the same as other wall shapes in the same space , Will "close" the distance between the Duanjing wall and other areas, so that the Duanjing wall is no longer so "far"!

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